Counting down Xiaobai's blush history, my blush boyfriend theory | Part 1

Record my blush journey. For blush, I always thought it was a no-brainer until the middle of 2018year. I really started to put on makeup every day, only to find that without blush, there is really no complexion. Especially for a girl with dark skin and freckles like me, I can't brush the monkey's butt. It's really handy.

The blushes come in solid, cream, liquid and powder forms. Although there are not many blushes, there are several types. My favorite is powder and liquid, which can be better and more evenly smudged.

Scumbag ex-boyfriend| Veteran Blush:< /span>Benefit Dandelion

I used to have only such a blush…. Follow me for about 4.5years, which should have expired. Looking at the real thing is also the most used. However, it is said that this blush is versatile. I think it is suitable for my skin tone. It is also for this reason that this popular blush not only did not lead me in the door, but made me have a prejudice against blush. This is probably the "scumbag ex-boyfriend". Of course, this dandelion red also has a reason to be red. The brush is so easy to use that I can't find a good brush when I buy other blushes in the future.

Forever true love in my heart| Turn on my orange hue Gate:MAC #Peaches

MACThis orange is for me to retry my passion for blush, thinking about a certain day in the year , this plate is used by a young lady in our department. Although we meet every day, when I saw her that day, my eyes really lit up, and she looked very energetic. Although after I bought it, it didn't have that dramatic effecton my face, but this color is also super suitable for Asian yellow skin . Peach🍑 has a little pink tint. Even if there are other orange-toned blushes now, I still habitually choose this one first, just like there is a person in my heart, no matter when you have his place.

The Most Familiar Strangers| Small Transparency:< /span> Nars Goulue

To be honest, I don't really remember when I had this demo, it was still in my collection intact until last month. I believe that everyone has such a makeup, which is not often used or even not used, but it is a pity to lose it. In fact, at first glance, this color is not to be approached by strangers, but after trying the color, I found that it is not as cool as it shows. It is a very everyday color, with a little bit of berry color. Nars's silty is always fine and does not show pores. It is a small transparent in the blush world. If you look over your sample, maybe it will lie there quietly and wait for you to flip.

Children of Tianjiao| A combination of beauty and talent: Armani Fatty A-Blush

This Armani is also bought last year. I admit that I just bought it for the looks, and the color number is also a very random blind choice. In fact,... I really can't tell how special this orange is, but it is inexplicable with my skin tone It fits well. Don't look at it as a liquid, but it can be very evenly smudged, and the small brush is not too much and just right. It has always been my favorite, and I usually use this when I am in a hurry. Obviously, you have to rely on strength to speak with good looks, especially like our God Xiao Nai, the son of Tianjiao.

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细数小白的腮红历程,我的腮红男友论 | 上篇



渣男前男友| 元老级腮红:Benefit 蒲公英

曾经的我,只有这么一块腮红…. 跟着我大概有4.5年了,应该已经过期了。看实物也是用的最多的,然而,都说这款腮红百搭,我觉的对与我的肤色,没有起到提气色,反而显得我很“怯”,画啥都土土的。也是因为这个原因,这款人气腮红不仅没有把我领进门,反而让我对腮红有了一种偏见。这大概就是“渣男前男友“吧。当然这款蒲公英红也是有红的理由,刷具特别好用,以至于我之后买其他腮红,都找不到好的刷具。

心中永远的真爱| 开启我的橘色调大门:MAC #Peaches

MAC这款橘色是让我重试对腮红的热情,想当年某年某日,我们系的一个小姐姐用的这盘。虽然天天见面,但我那天见到她真的是眼睛一亮,超极元气显气色。虽然买回来之后,并没有那么dramatic effect在我的脸上,但是这款颜色也是超级适合亚洲黄皮。桃子🍑色带一点点粉色调。就算现在有了其他的橘色调的腮红,我还是习惯性的先选择这款,正如心中都有一个人,不管什么时候你都有他的位置。

最熟悉的陌生人| 小透明: Nars Goulue


天骄之子| 颜值及才华为一身:阿玛尼小胖丁 A-Blush

这款阿玛尼也是去年入的,我承认我只是冲着颜值买的,色号也是非常随意的盲选。其实... 我真的说不出这款橘色有多特别,但就是莫名的跟我的肤色很搭。别看是液体,但是可以非常均匀的晕染开,小刷子取的也不多不少刚刚好。一直是我的心头爱,平常非常赶时间就会用这款。明明有颜值非要靠实力说话,特别像我们肖奈大神,天骄之子呀。

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