The last time I got the "我要当测评官第3期" package, there were only two snacks that added up to less than $10. So, my dear lady, send me another copy! This time the snack package is very powerful, thank you Yami🙏 Thank you Miss ❤️ First of all, there is the itchy tooth Zizsu barbecue, the unit price is $1.49/pack, and there are five small packages in each pack. Two flavors, one with black pepper and one with cumin. Both flavors are a bit spicy, but acceptable. Vegetarian meat is a soy product that tastes like firm tofu. Personally, I prefer the black pepper flavor, which feels more fragrant, and the cumin flavor a little overshadows the original flavor of soy products. Overall, it's okay, I recommend it to friends who like to eat heavy flavors. Then, a pack of Tasto's BBQ-flavored potato chips is priced at $2.19 a pack, which is a bit expensive! However, it is especially delicious! BBQ tastes great! Chips are crispy too! One packet is not enough! Super recommended! Next, uha's extra strong strawberry milk candy, priced at $3.99/pack. I especially love eating uha candy! The taste is really fragrant and delicious! This strawberry-flavored milk candy, with a little bit of strawberry sweetness and sourness in the milk flavor, is also quite special! Very delicious 😆 Will repurchase! ps: Now the mobile phone can't send long lists and articles? I don't know the computer version. # 亚米爆款王 # # 我要当测评官第3期 # # 开箱大吉 # # 货到晒单 # # 我要当测评官第4期 #
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上次我拿到的“我要当测评官第3期”礼包,里面只有两件加起来不到$10的零食。所以,亲爱的大小姐又给我补寄来一份!这次的零食礼包非常给力,谢谢亚米🙏谢谢大小姐❤️ 首先,是牙痒痒的滋滋素烤肉,单价$1.49/包,每包里面五个小包装。两种口味,一个黑椒味一个孜然味。两个口味都有点辣,不过还能接受。素肉是豆制品,吃起来像比较紧实的豆腐干。个人偏爱黑椒味,感觉比较香,孜然味的有点盖过豆制品本来的香味。总体来说还可以,推荐给喜欢吃重口味的朋友。 然后,一包Tasto的BBQ烧烤味薯片,单价$2.19一包,有点小贵啊!但是,特别好吃!烧烤味很香!薯片也很脆!一包根本不够吃啊!超推荐! 接着,uha的特浓草莓牛奶糖,单价$3.99/包。我特别爱吃uha的糖啊!味道真的是香浓可口!这款草莓味的牛奶糖,奶味里面带一点点草莓的酸甜,也是蛮特别的!非常好吃😆要回购! ps:现在手机不能发长晒单和文章了?电脑版本的我又不会😂😂😂只能分两篇晒单啦🤣 # 亚米爆款王 # # 我要当测评官第3期 # # 开箱大吉 # # 货到晒单 # # 我要当测评官第4期 #