Snacks mobilization various new attempts 1Singapore curry ramen is very delicious and tastes very positive, because I have worked in Singapore for two years, so I quite like the taste of Southeast Asia 2 The Korean fish sausage tastes good, but I personally feel it is a bit expensive, not as good as the fish sausage sold in Japanese supermarkets 3 Fragrant bean curd is not good, will not buy it again Unlimited repurchase Zeng noodles, black sesame powder, Shanghai bamboo shoots
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零食总动员 各种新尝试 1新加坡咖喱拉面很好吃味道很正,因为本人有在新加坡工作两年所以还蛮喜欢东南亚的口味 2韩国那个鱼肠味道也不错,但个人感觉有点略贵,不如日本超市卖的鱼肠 3香香嘴豆干不好,不会再买 无限回购 曾拌面,黑芝麻粉,上海油焖笋