Korean niche brand Delio Marble Matte Lip Glaze The cold and extravagant marble packaging is very eye-catching, and the small one is very petite in the hand, which is very friendly to girls like us who like to carry small bags. Use experience: Although it is a matte lip glaze, it is not dry at all, but has a mousse-like texture, which is very moisturizing. It's super light and no burden, and it's very colorful. teddy is a combination of soft pink and maple red, perfect for everyday, just one word! Gentle! This color is suitable for spring and autumn, but such a light texture I prefer to use in spring and summer~ 2019022794052# 赢卡婷限量礼盒#
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韩国小众品牌 黛丽奥大理石雾面唇釉 性冷淡+轻奢风的大理石外包装很吸引眼球,小小一只拿在手上很娇小,对于我们这种喜欢背小包包的女生来说简直非常友好。 使用感受:虽然是雾面的唇釉但是一点也不拔干,而是慕斯一样的质地,非常润。超级轻薄没有负担,而且非常显色。teddy这款是柔和的粉色和枫叶红的组合,非常适合日常,就一个词儿!温柔!这个颜色春秋都合适,不过这么轻薄的质地我更喜欢春夏用啦~ 2019022794052# 赢卡婷限量礼盒 #