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Speaking of collections, some people collect for viewing, and some people stock up for liking. I belong to the latter, and I can't afford original products.

ThisSlipeye mask and pillowcase is my big Love, now it's really time to sleep without them and be irritable. Its products are also considered luxury and big-name skin care products, because silk pillowcases help reduce friction and thus reduce the growth of wrinkles.

I now have three new Slipsilk eye masks at home . Because the price is not very friendly, SkinCarediscount is also$33 span>or so, but we haveTJMaxxYeah!

Except for the firstSlipeye mask isSkinCare7folded in, everything else isTjmaxxOr redeemable. Tjmaxx are priced at$20-$25Wait, isn't it pretty cute?

The biggest advantage of this silk eye mask is its soft and silky texture, which my family loves too. I just grabbed it and put it on my face, it felt quite comfortable😌. It does not transmit light, so it still plays the basic function of the eye mask. Because of the texture, it is rarely possible to stay on the head firmly overnight. But I found that some eye masks seem to be tighter than others. I don't know if there is a size difference, and the outer packaging has never been marked.

Let's talk about more expensive pillowcases, I probably bought the price at $35< span class="s2">, I have been waiting for this pillowcase for a long time. Original price$80+,7The discount is also unacceptable. Still being met by me earlierTjmaxx. And as soon as I encountered it, there were many N, so I bought them all.

Pillowcases come in different sizes, so be careful when buying. Also, it doesn't have buttons or zippers, so the texture is so slippery that the pillow always wants to run out. But a little wrapping is fine. Because of this pillowcase, my dumplings came to me to grab a pillow in the middle of the night. The silk is so soft and so comfortable, she lay on my pillow.😂.

The care of silk is very troublesome. You cannot use normal washing machines or detergents, otherwise it will become wrinkled as follows. If you want to buy its special detergent, it is not expensive. You can use the washing machine to wash in the mode ofdelicate wash. Dry naturally and do not wash with other items.

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真丝的护理很是麻烦,不能用正常的洗衣机或者洗涤剂,否则就会成下面这种皱皱巴巴的。要买它家的专用洗涤剂,好在不贵,可以配合delicate wash的模式用洗衣机来洗,注意要自然晾干且不可以跟其他物品一起洗