Confession 💛 2019 new Dior Forever liquid foundation ————————————————————— This is not a professional evaluation 🤭 Purely personal favorite sharing 💕 I have dry skin in winter and summer with oily blemishes. I've been wanting to change my liquid foundation lately, I wanted to try the windy Covermark There are no counters in New York. There are too many colors and I don’t want to blindly choose. Maybe I’m poor 🌚 Later, I tried the color at the Dior counter. This Forever is really love! Is it silky when you apply it on your hands? Makes me feel so moisturised! The shade I use is 1C1 Cool Rosy with a matte texture It is divided into two types and one is glossy texture, depending on personal preference. My color is not very white on my face, but it is very close to my skin and not dead white! The makeup is natural and not thick and the matte texture is very delicate and not sticky! The concealer ability I think is quite strong, at least the pores can be covered up a little. If you have major flaws, you should rely on other concealer tools The packaging glass bottle is also matte and has a textured press design. It is very hygienic and convenient to use, and the taste is also very friendly and comfortable 🌚 It's not easy to find the right foundation for you, but I just love it to the point of explosion! 💕 # 什么值得买 # # 2018剁手红榜 # # 开箱大吉 # # 新年红运妆 # # 赢卡婷限量礼盒 #
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表白 💛 2019新款Dior Forever粉底液 ———————————————————— 这不是专业测评🤭纯粹个人喜欢的分享💕 本人冬天干夏天油瑕疵皮冷调二白 最近一直想换粉底液本想试试风大的Covermark 纽约没有专柜颜色太多又不想盲选大概是我穷吧🌚 后来在Dior专柜手部试色这款Forever真的是爱了! 在手上抹开的时候就很丝滑?给我感觉很滋润! 我所用的是哑光质地的色号是1C1 Cool Rosy 它分为两款还有一款是光泽质地看个人喜欢选择吧 我这个颜色在脸上也没有很显白但很贴肤色不死白! 妆感自然不浓厚并且哑光质地很细腻不卡粉! 遮瑕能力我觉得蛮强的至少毛孔能遮掉一些 如果有大瑕疵的话还是要靠其他遮瑕工具 包装玻璃瓶也是哑光的很有质感按压式设计 使用起来很卫生方便味道也很亲和舒服🌚 找到合适自己的粉底不容易总之我就是喜欢到爆炸!💕 # 什么值得买 # # 2018剁手红榜 # # 开箱大吉 # # 新年红运妆 # # 赢卡婷限量礼盒 #