Drop, punch the 7th day Caplico Cookies There are 9 sticks in a box, and there are three flavors in total, namely vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Three of each of the three flavors, the shape is very beautiful, it really looks like ice cream, the outer layer of the biscuits is very crisp, and the filling is not too sweet, the bottom of the cone is chocolate, sweet but not greasy, and I My favorite is the chocolate flavor, followed by strawberry and vanilla. Ingredients: Sugar. Cone (wheat flour. Corn starch. Vegetable oil (rapeseed oil). Sugar. Cocoa powder. Salt). Whole milk powder. Cocoa mass. Cocoa butter. Vegetable oil (palm oil). Lactose. Wine (champagne). Emulsifier (glycerides of fatty acids). Coloring agent (caramel color). Flavoring agent. Sweetener (potassium acesulfame). Flavouring agent (DL-malic acid) # 赢卡婷限量礼盒 # # 我要上精选 # # 我要当测评官第4期 # # 燃烧卡路里大作战 #
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滴,打卡第7天 Caplico 甜筒饼干 一盒有9根,一共有三种口味,分别是香草口味、草莓口味和巧克力口味。 三种口味各三根,造型很好看,真的很像冰淇淋,外层的甜筒饼干很酥脆的,而内馅也不会太甜,甜筒的最底部是巧克力,甜而不腻,而我最喜欢是巧克力口味,然后是草莓、香草。 成份:砂糖.甜筒(小麦粉.玉米淀粉.植物油(油菜籽油).砂糖.可可粉.食盐).全脂奶粉.可可块.可可脂.植物油(棕榈油).乳糖.洋酒(香槟).乳化剂(脂肪酸甘油酯).着色剂(焦糖色素).香料.甜味剂(醋磺内酯钾).调味剂(DL-苹果酸) # 赢卡婷限量礼盒 # # 我要上精选 # # 我要当测评官第4期 # # 燃烧卡路里大作战 #