OMG# 相见恨晚的满分零食# Pig girl👧🏻March weight loss plan failed! Hometown flavor 🌰 is really fragrant and soft and tastes good! Cheese sticks and seaweed are things I have been repurchasing~ The dried small fish is not bad, but I prefer the one with the taste of Xiangxiangzui pickled pepper! ! ! Simply perfect!
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OMG# 相见恨晚的满分零食 # 猪猪女孩👧🏻三月减肥计划失败! 家乡味的🌰真的香香软软的口感很好! 芝士条和海苔是一直回购的东西呀~ 小鱼干还不错 但是更喜欢吃乡乡嘴泡椒味的那个!!!简直完美!