🌟 Check in for 22 days —————— I ate an apple in the morning and went out. I didn't go home until the afternoon. I was really hungry, so I cooked a small half-pack of Japanese ramen. When I cooked it, I found that there were so many 😂 The package says it is for two people, but the portion is quite large, and I can eat it four times by myself. It may be that I haven't eaten a lot of carbohydrates for many days. It's amazingly delicious. I added some extra vegetables, tofu and kelp, beat an egg, and put four or five in it🦐, accompanied by an American TV series, it was heaven on earth 23333 Of course, exercise just in case in advance🤣
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🌟打卡22天 —————— 早上吃了一个苹果就出门了,一直到下午才回家,实在饿的不行了于是煮了小半包日本拉面。结果煮出来发现竟然有这么多😂 包装上写是两人份,但分量比较足,我一个人能吃四次。可能是很多天没有大量摄入碳水了,惊人的好吃。我额外加了些蔬菜豆腐和海带,打了个鸡蛋,放了四五之🦐,伴着美剧,简直人间天堂23333 当然,提前运动了下just in case🤣