【Unpacking】Snacks spree evaluation product

🥰First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Welfare and Yami for the election.4Evaluator, what I got in this issue is value$35Snack Pack.

It is said to be a snack gift package, but in fact, the products are quite diversified, including snacks, drinks, and make-up. It is really a sincere super gift package!

Would you like to see what my gift packs are with me next?


My spree has a total of6 types, many of which are All are my favorite items! There are also grass items that have been planted by sun friends, but have not been used. The overall gift package makes me very satisfied!

[The gift package products are:]


[Traditional Korean chestnut fruit]$6.59


[Taiwan Lao Yang Salted Egg Yolk Cake] span>$4.99


[Jinbao Nanyang Thai Milk Tea]$1.19


【Xiangxiangzui Junior Beans Flavoured]$1.19


【Spicy Chicken Seasoning】$3.79


[JapanK-Palette 1 Day Tatto Ultra Lasting Eyeliner]$17.99

The above are all the products in my gift pack. This article is only a preview. Next, I will introduce the taste and use of each item. I am interested Dear parents, please pay more attention to my follow-up list😁, thank you~

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【台湾老杨 咸蛋黄饼】$4.99


【金宝 南阳泰式奶茶】$1.19


【乡乡嘴 酒鬼豆筋 浓香型】$1.19




【日本K-Palette 1 Day Tatto 超持久眼线笔】$17.99



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