The hot and sour noodles that are delicious to Gucci but absolutely not sad! 🤭 ————————————————————— Chongqing hot and sour noodles with picky noodles 💕 Friends who love hot and sour noodles recommend you to try~ Its surface is very tough and Q-bounce sweet potato thick noodles The oil and spicy seeds in it are very special and the fragrance is not very spicy. The acidity is also moderate. There is also a soy sauce bag with mustard and soybean vinegar. It is also very convenient to add some side dishes when cooking, etc. I also like the addition of matsutake mushrooms, which is a huge recommendation of the Tag on the picture! ! If you eat it directly, it will feel a little oily and taste a little hard Soak it in the hot and sour powder soup and it will soften and taste delicious! The more chewy the more fragrant 🤤 I want to wipe my saliva If you don't like sweet potato flour, you can cook the soup base and put dumplings 🥟 Or other noodles are also very delicious is the versatile soup base! Putting some coriander on it is so satisfying 🙈 # 私藏好货大曝光 # # 亚米厨房 # # 2018剁手红榜 # # 冬天就要吃点好 # # 温暖小家养成记 #
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yami_featured_image 好吃到Gucci但绝对不伤心的酸辣粉!🤭 ——————————————————— 挑挑小面的重庆酸辣粉💕 爱吃酸辣粉的朋友推荐你们试试~ 它的面是很有韧性而且Q弹的红薯粗面 里面的油辣子特别特别的鲜香不是很辣的那种 酸度也适中里面还有配榨菜和黄豆醋包酱油包 煮起来也很方便吃的时候自己加一些配菜等等 我还喜欢加松茸就是图片上Tag的巨推荐!! 直接吃会觉得有点油并且口感偏硬一些 把它泡在酸辣粉的汤里就会软化吃起来爆香! 越嚼越香的那种🤤码字的我要擦擦口水了 如果不喜欢红薯粉可以把汤底煮好放水饺🥟 或者其他面条也是非常好吃的就是百搭的汤底! 再放点香菜简直心满意足的不得了🙈 # 私藏好货大曝光 # # 亚米厨房 # # 2018剁手红榜 # # 冬天就要吃点好 # # 温暖小家养成记 #