Fragrant and delicious grass-fed milk is essential for breakfast🥛Amway✅ ——————————————— When I was in China before, I didn't like drinking milk very much. Especially the pure milk of Yili can't accept the taste 🤦🏻‍♀️ Since I came to the United States, I have been drinking the Lactaid brand. There are so many varieties of American milk, I don't know how to choose So I have never changed to another brand of milk. This milk doesn't have that weird taste I think It's a little sweet and I like it, but it feels like it's mixed with water, but it doesn't have a milky fragrance. Until I drank Organic Valley's grass-fed milk 🥛 I just realized that the milk I've been drinking before must have been "fake" milk 😂 Its milk comes from 100% grass-fed cows that are raised grain-free This grass-fed dairy cow eats only fresh grass all year round in the pasture The milk produced by such cows is rich in many healthy elements Omiga-3 carotene and vitamin E are even better than regular milk 5 times higher CLA, which is recognized as a natural anti-cancer substance in the world Besides, it tastes really mellow and very fragrant. It also smells very milky, and it will form a layer of milk skin after heating It really makes me feel delicious Amway for my friends who don't know how to choose milk like me😂 # 我的早餐打卡 # # 私藏好货大曝光 # # 我要当测评官第5期 # # 什么值得买 # # 温暖小家养成记 #
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早餐必不可少香浓好喝的草饲牛奶🥛安利✅ ———————————————— 以前在国内的时候我没有很爱喝牛奶 特别是伊利那种纯牛奶接受不来那味道🤦🏻‍♀️ 来了美国之后是一直在喝Lactaid的牌子 美国牛奶的品种很多我也不知道如何选择 所以一直都没有换过其他牌子的牛奶 这个牛奶喝起来没有我认为的那种奇怪味道 它有一点微甜还蛮喜欢但有种掺水的感觉没奶香味 直到我喝过了Organic Valley的草饲牛奶🥛 我才发觉我以前喝过的应该都是“假”奶吧😂 它的奶源来自无谷物饲养的100%草饲乳牛 这种草饲乳牛是常年在牧场中只吃新鲜的草 而这样的奶牛所产的牛奶中富含很多健康元素 Omiga-3胡萝卜素维生素E甚至还有比普通牛奶 高出5倍的CLA这是世界公认的天然抗癌物质 再说它的味道是真的很醇厚非常的香浓 闻起来也非常有奶香加热后还会结上一层奶皮 就真的让我觉得很好喝🤭泡麦片什么的都很香醇 安利给和我一样不知道怎么选牛奶的小伙伴😂 # 我的早餐打卡 # # 私藏好货大曝光 # # 我要当测评官第5期 # # 什么值得买 # # 温暖小家养成记 #