Bobo Chicken comes with vegetables that have a bit of canned flavor, you can add water and boil for three minutes to remove the flavor. I added some extra hot pot powder and broccoli myself. Boil the soup with half of the water and season with vinegar, soy sauce and salt. The soup was not spicy at all (maybe because I added water) but it was fragrant and the chili noodles were quite spicy. Overall it was delicious! The mask works great! It's comfortable to put on Although it is said to be used in the morning, it is very moisturizing after taking a shower at night.
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钵钵鸡自带蔬菜有点罐头味儿,可以加水煮开三分钟除味。我自己额外加了些火锅粉和西兰花。汤料加一半水煮开,加醋、酱油、盐调味。汤料一点也不辣(也许是因为我加了水)但挺香,辣椒面蛮辣的。总体来说挺好吃的! 面膜好用!敷上凉凉的很舒服 虽然说是早上用但晚上洗完澡用很补水