Desolate and shocking beauty / Hoover Dam in Las Vegas 🍃Hoover Dam is a key project in the comprehensive development of Colorado water resources in the United States. It is located at the junction of Nevada and Arizona. It has comprehensive benefits such as flood control, irrigation, power generation, shipping, and water supply. It is also a worthwhile visit. attractions. 🍃We left at 11am, about an hour drive from downtown Las Vegas. 🅿️The parking fee is $10, but we found a free parking space a little 20 minutes walk from the attraction. 🍃 It's March now, so the weather was super nice when I went there, it wasn't hot at all, but the sun was still poisonous, it is recommended that you bring sunscreen that you can reapply at any time. 🍃There is a security check at the entrance of Hoover Dam🛂. After driving🚗 after passing the security check, the first attraction on the right is Memorial Bridge, which is also the best viewing point. Although I saw many photos when I was doing the guide before, I was there. The feeling of the environment is still very shocking, a very recommended attraction✌️ # 我要当测评官第5期 # # 趁着春光去旅行 #
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荒芜震撼之美/拉斯维加斯胡佛大坝 🍃胡佛水坝(Hoover Dam)是美国综合开发Colorado水资源的一项关键性工程,位于Nevada 和Arizona交界处,具有防洪、灌溉、发电、航运、供水等综合效益,也是非常值得一去的一个景点。 🍃我们是上午11点出发的,距离Las Vegas 市中心大概开车一个小时。🅿️停车费$10,不过我们在离景点稍微步行20分钟的地方找到了免费的停车位。 🍃现在是三月份,所以我去的时候天气超级好,一点也不热,但太阳依旧很毒,建议大家带上随时补涂的防晒。 🍃Hoover Dam 的入口处有一个安检🛂,开车🚗经过安检以后,右侧的第一个景点就是Memorial Bridge,也是最佳观景点,虽然之前做攻略的时候看到过很多照片,但身临其境的感觉还是非常震撼,非常推荐的一个景点✌️ # 我要当测评官第5期 # # 趁着春光去旅行 #