🌹🌹Yami is six years old! Happy birthday 🎁🎂! With Yami, I can really live without leaving home, and I have everything to eat and drink 🤣🤣 🌹🌹I placed an order during the store celebration. Because there was a 15% discount, I started with the glass transparent oven that I have always been particularly interested in, and a few other small things. I am very happy to buy it😃 And this time the express delivery is not usually four or five The UPS of the day, but a courier company that arrived in two days, was surprised to fly! 😆😆 🌹🌹I was so happy when the box was delivered, hurry up and take it apart! A sticker of the sixth anniversary made by Yamito on the box is so cute, like it first! 亚米真的6! Ha ha 🌹🌹I opened it and saw that everything was carefully wrapped with foam paper, thick and good, very careful, none of them were bumped or damaged, I finally saw the oven I had been waiting for for a long time, wow, it was bigger than I thought, and it was baked visually. A turkey is no problem haha! I can finally watch my food sizzling and oily all the way from now on, so satisfying 😍😍 🌹🌹This order is mainly for my oven, and I added a box of my favorite bird's nest mask by the way. I really like the moisturizing effect of this mask! Repurchase! In addition, I bought a large bottle of lotion that is said to have anti-puffiness effects to try, and a pack of Unicharm cotton pads that are easy to use! I added a pack of dried small fish from Dongting Pier, but unfortunately I don't have any spicy taste, only this sauce has a umami taste. Well, I haven't tried it anyway, so let's try it! In short, I am satisfied with this purchase, and I give it to Yamibi ❤️ 🌹Order number: 2019032568664 # #亚米晒单# # # 亚米开箱 ##0Placeholder_for_esaay_translationddebb536283c45328c37
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yami_featured_image 🌹🌹亚米六岁啦!生日快乐🎁🎂!有亚米的日子真的可以足不出户过日子,吃的喝的用的应有尽有🤣🤣 🌹🌹店庆的时候下了一单,因为有85折,就入手了我一直特别感兴趣的玻璃透明烤箱,还有其他几个小东西,买的特别开心😃而且这一次快递不是通常要四五天的UPS的,而是一家两天就到了的快递公司,简直惊讶到飞起!😆😆 🌹🌹箱子送来的时候好开心,赶紧拆拆拆!箱子上面一个亚米特制六周年的贴纸好可爱,先赞一个!亚米真的6!哈哈 🌹🌹打开看见所有东西都仔仔细细用泡沫纸包的厚厚的好好的,非常用心,一个都没磕碰损坏,终于看见我期待已久的烤箱,哇,比我想象中的大,目测烤一只火鸡不成问题哈哈!终于可以以后喜滋滋地全程看着我的食物滋滋冒油的样子了,好满足😍😍 🌹🌹这一单主要是为了我的烤箱,顺便加了一盒我喜欢的燕窝面膜,非常喜欢这个面膜的补水效果!回购!另外买了一大瓶据说有去浮肿效果的化妆水来试试,配一包好用的尤妮佳化妆棉!再顺手添了一包洞庭码头小鱼干,可惜我喜欢的辣味都没有,只有这个酱鲜味,好吧反正没吃过也试试吧!总之这一单买的心满意足,给亚米比心❤️ 🌹订单号:2019032568664 # #亚米晒单# # # 亚米开箱 ## 亚米真的6 #