[Cooking Secret Weapon 1] - Delicious mushrooms that can be made by Xiaobai

🌹🌹This big jar of mixed dried mushrooms is my new favorite recently. For those who grow mushrooms, I love mushrooms and mushrooms as long as they are similar to these.🤣🤣Because there are many varieties in it Mushrooms, the key is that they can be made very delicious without much technical skill😋




🌹🌹 Mushrooms are related to humans span>DNAThe food is far different in structure. It is said that the farther the difference, the more nutritional value. I don't know if it has been verified, but what is certain is that Mushroom foods can improve immunity, and many mushrooms contain anti-cancer substances, which can prevent cancer. For example, the polysaccharide contained in mushrooms has a very high anti-cancer rate. The polysaccharide contained in black fungus is also an effective anti-cancer substance, and its fat-reducing effect can effectively clean up blood vessels, commonly known as vascular scavenger, eat more bacteria There are many benefits of mushrooms😄😄




🌹🌹There are many varieties of mixed mushrooms in this large pot, except for the shiitake mushrooms, fungus, tea tree mushrooms that I know There are also many varieties that I can't name, all of which are not easy to eat or buy. This jar of dried mushrooms greatly satisfies the desire of foodies.🤣🤣




🌹🌹And this jar of dried mushrooms is not only very easy to foam, the instructions on the bottle say to use It only takes half an hour to soak in water, and because most of them have been cut into thin slices, it is also very easy to cook, and it will be cooked and tasted quickly, saving a lot of time, it is simply a weapon for fast dinner!




🌹🌹I used this jar of mixed dried mushrooms to make mushroom soup, it was so delicious, I bit my tongue That kind of🤣Or make this kind of braised beef with potatoes, mushrooms, and more fragrant, just simply put Mushrooms, potatoes, and beef are stewed in one pot. It doesn't require any skills at all, and it's very delicious. You might as well try it.😋😋😋

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🌹🌹 菌菇,是与人类DNA构造相差甚远的食物,据说相差越远越有营养价值,不知道有没有验证,但是可以确定的是菌菇类的食物能提高免疫力,而且许多菌菇类都含有抗癌物质,能起防癌功效。比如,蘑菇中所含的多糖体,抗癌率非常高,黑木耳所包含的多糖体也是一种抗癌的有效物质,并且其减脂作用可以有效清理血管,俗称血管清道夫,多吃菌菇好处多多😄😄













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