🌹🌹 Rohto Lycee眼药水 (suitable for contact lenses), known as small pink flower Including all contact lens wearers, it can protect the cornea, help the eyes to sterilize and disinfect, relieve fatigue, remove redness, maintain moisture, and moisturize the eyes. In addition, HPMC (Hydroxypropyl) methyl cellulose), and the nutritional ingredient glucose, provide moisture and nutrition for the eyes, remove the dryness and discomfort caused by contact lens lenses, and are officially said to be used as eye drops and moisturizing liquid for contact lenses. Can also be used while wearing contact lenses. Really great! 😄😄 🌹🌹 The small pink flower is a daily necessity. It is small and easy to carry in a bag. You can take it out and drop it anytime, anywhere. It is also gentle and non-irritating when you drop it into your eyes. If you feel uncomfortable wearing invisible, drop it. I feel instantly hydrated, and I feel uncomfortable when I don't dry it. It's really comfortable! It's not like some 眼药水 when you drop it, it really feels like the water burst into the oil pan and can't stand it😭😭 🌹🌹 And the small bottle is really cute, I have used several bottles, and I will definitely repurchase it! 😘😘 # 眼药水 #
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🌹🌹 乐敦Lycee眼药水(隐形眼镜适用款),被称为小粉花眼药水,一直很受小仙女们喜欢,因为其中添加了最高浓度的角膜保护成分硫酸软骨素钠,适用于包括彩色美瞳镜片在内的所有隐形眼镜配戴人士,可以呵护角膜,帮助眼睛杀菌消毒,缓解疲劳,去红血丝,保持水润度,滋润眼睛,此外更添加了保持隐形眼镜镜片水润的成分HPMC(羟丙甲纤维素),以及营养成分葡萄糖,为双眼提供滋润与营养,将隐形眼镜镜片引起的干燥与不适感一扫而光,而且官方是说可以作为滴眼药和隐形眼镜的湿润液使用,不佩戴隐形眼镜的时候也可以使用。真的是很棒哦!😄😄 🌹🌹 小粉花简直是日常必备,放在包里小巧易携带,随时随地都可以拿出来滴一下,滴进眼睛里也很温和不刺激,戴着隐形觉得难受了就滴一下,滴的时候感觉瞬间水润了,不干的难受了,真的很舒服!不像有的眼药水滴下去那一瞬间真的是感觉水进油锅一样炸裂开的受不了😭😭 🌹🌹而且小瓶子的确粉粉的很可爱,用过好几瓶了,肯定还会一直回购哒!😘😘 # 眼药水 #