With these three treasures, culinary skills are instantly level up

Tonight, Xiaocuner made the steamed shrimp with garlic vermicelli that the family loves to eat again. Use garlic sauce directly, plus steamed fish soy sauce and oyster sauce, fast and delicious.

1. Soak the vermicelli, clean the shrimp, put the vermicelli on the plate, and spread the shrimp;

2. Heat the oil in the pan, add a spoonful of minced garlic and stir fry;

3. Join1:1 Steamed fish soy sauce and oyster sauce, add 0.5 water, and the sauce is ready La!

4. Pour sauce over shrimp and steam8minutes.

Sprinkle with hydroponic green onions and grow your own water, the green onions are really green and fresh! Ready to eat!

The vermicelli at the bottom is picked up and eaten with the shrimp, the taste is very good!

Then we will use Lee Kum Kee Sambo to make another dish: broccoli🥦Salmon.

1. Boiled broccoli;

2. Slice the salmon two centimeters thick and fry both sides until golden;

3. Pour the garlic sauce over the salmon and broccoli;

4. Stir before eating.

With these three treasures, the taste of authentic Chinese food is basically stable! Today's cooking skills are not enough to make a series of articles, so I hope you like it, let's cook fast and delicious dishes together!

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有了这三宝,厨艺瞬间level up


1. 先将粉丝泡发,清理虾,在盘内放上粉丝,铺上虾;

2. 锅内烧热油后,放入一勺蒜蓉翻炒;

3. 加入1:1的蒸鱼酱油和蚝油,再加入0.5的水,酱汁就做好啦!

4. 把酱汁淋在虾上,蒸8分钟即可。




1. 西兰花烫熟;

2. 三文鱼切成两厘米厚,煎双面金黄;

3. 将蒜蓉酱汁调好后倒入三文鱼与西兰花上;

4. 吃前搅拌一下。


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