🍃 This is the best self-heating hot pot I have ever eaten, no one 🍃 First of all, the ingredients in it are very rich, including wide noodles, lotus root slices, kelp, potatoes, bamboo shoots slices. Super invincible loves to eat the wide powder inside, the taste is thick and chewy. 🍃The only downside is that there is no meat in it, 😂 but I usually add some lunch meat or ham into it. 🍃I'm really a hot pot fanatic with heavy flavors, now for $10, you can eat hot pot in 10 minutes, super happy, unlimited repurchase #下厨秘密武器 # #我要当测评官第5期 # #0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation58606ebdfbf84423
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🍃这是我吃过的最好吃的自热小火锅,没有之一 🍃首先,里面的配料就很丰富,有宽粉,藕片,海带,土豆,笋片。超级无敌爱吃里面的宽粉,口感厚实有嚼劲。 🍃唯一的不足就是里面没有肉,😂不过我一般会加一些午餐肉或者火腿进去。 🍃我真的是重口味的火锅狂热者,现在10美金,10分钟就可以吃上火锅,超级幸福,无限回购 # 下厨秘密武器 # # 我要当测评官第5期 # # 平价替代 #