💪🏻Small fresh meat drink bag unpacked

It's been almost a year since I came to Irvine Have become accustomed to the change of weather and temperature difference here in Irvine 

The summer season is about to begin now🔥🔥

As a lover of 饮料, I'm ready to fill my belly with those cool drinks🤣

There are many 饮料 stores in the little girl's hometown It can be said to be a major feature of our hometown The world-famous boba milk tea is a must for every 饮料 store

I recently came across this portable bag on the Internet 饮料  s1">Decided to share with everyone!!💕



My water bottle fits too🧐



Because the little girl herself does not have a car the transportation is very Frequent bus or Uber rides Having a 饮料bag with you can’t be more convenient! 😆

California without a car means without feet! 😭



The small bag in the front just fits the men's cigarette case😂



饮料The bag is a wraparound design Do not use It can also be stored as a bag and a small charm.  The funniest thing is to run away as soon as it encounters hot meat out🤣

This 饮料 bag has a total of twenty colors Cute enough to make me want to pack color My brothers and sisters who love to drink 饮料 also buy one span>🥤

I will share it with you when I find a more adorable 饮料 bag! ❤️

#Yamibuy 6# #何以解忧,唯有饮料# #饮料#< /p>

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来尔湾也不知不觉快一年了 已经对尔湾这里天气温差的变化习以为常 



在小女子的家乡有非常多的饮料店 可以说是我们家乡的一大特色 举世闻名的波霸奶茶已是每家饮料店的必需品

近日偶然在网路上看到了这个手提饮料袋  决定分享给大家!!💕






由於小女子本身没有汽车 所以交通工具很常搭公车或优步 随身携待一个饮料袋是再方便不过了!😆







饮料袋是包覆式的设计 不使用的时候也可以收纳成包包小吊饰  最搞笑的是一碰到热小鲜肉就跑出来了🤣

这饮料袋总共有二十几款的颜色 可爱到让我想包色了 爱喝饮料的小哥哥小姊姊们也去买一个呗🥤


#亚米真的6# #何以解忧,唯有饮料##饮料#