[Evaluation] Guoba Self-heating Tomato Hot Pot 😋 Thank you very much Miss Yami for giving me this opportunity to try it! Fried chicken moved😹I forgot to participate in this event before, but Miss Yami came to remind me by private message! Moving! Start🐷 As soon as I got it, I was shocked to see such a big box! Really good box! I also said it should be the portion for two people. Opened there are: two boxes - one for vegetables, one for heating layer Vegetable pack - potato chips, corn, lotus root slices, fungus, carrot vermicelli meat - sausages a pack of wet paper towels a pair of disposable chopsticks a heating pack follow the instructions, put the white box Take it out, open the vegetable bag and sausage and ketchup, put it in the white box, fill with water and water line. Then open the packaging of the heating pack and put it into the black box, then fill it with water (see the picture, there is a water line that is not obvious), then put the white box back and close the lid. The instructions say to wait until it's no longer steaming. I just waited and waited. It took about 13 minutes. The intense gurgling sound gradually became smaller, and the steam gradually disappeared, so I could start eating! 😋😋😋😋😋After eating it😋😋😋😋😋 Potato chips, fungus and lotus root are the best! ! ! All crunchy, very refreshing! Then the corn felt a little stale, and I didn't like it very much, so I didn't eat it much. Carrots too, I feel a little old and I haven't eaten much! The first thing I ate should be vermicelli! Knock delicious! ! 🤣 Satisfaction! The sausage is very fragrant when the can is first opened, hahaha, attracting all my cat owners! In the end, I was not surprised when I ate it, it was very soft and tender, but because it was too soft, the meat was not so chewy. Flavor: Tomato flavor is full! Very strong! very nice! But I am not spicy and unhappy, so I added two tablespoons of chili oil myself! Fried chicken is cool! Hehehe~ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ In short: I hit 4/5, although it looks like a big box, but I didn't eat enough, it's a little bit worse, but I eat 自热火锅, and I've never eaten enough ...then the dishes and vermicelli feel so good! like very much! But I don't like tomato flavor that much. If there are other flavors I will definitely buy it! ! In short, eat very happy friends 🤣😋 # 亚米真的6 # # 亚米厨房 # # 亚米测评 # # 自热火锅 # # 无限回购 #
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【测评】锅霸自热番茄火锅😋 非常感谢亚米大小姐给我这次机会来试吃!炒鸡感动😹我自己之前都忘记了参加过这个活动,还是亚米大小姐来私信我提醒我!感动! Start🐷 一拿到手,看到这么大的一盒,把我吓一跳!真的很好一盒啊!我还说应该是两个人的分量。 打开有: 两个盒子-一个放菜,一个加热层 蔬菜包- 土豆片、玉米、藕片、木耳、胡萝卜 粉条 肉-香肠 一包湿纸巾 一双一次性筷子 一个加热包 按照说明,把白色的盒子取出,打开蔬菜包和香肠和蕃茄酱,放进白色的盒子里,注水及水位线。然后打开加热包的包装放进黑色的盒子,然后注水(看图片有一个不大明显的注水线),然后把白色的盒子放回去,盖上盖子。说明书上说要一直等到不再冒热气。 我就等呀等呀,大概有13分钟的样子,本来很激烈的咕噜咕噜声慢慢的变小,蒸汽慢慢的也看不到了,就可以开吃啦! 😋😋😋😋😋吃后感😋😋😋😋😋 土豆片和木耳和藕最好吃!!!都脆脆的,特别爽口!然后玉米感觉有点不新鲜,我本身也不怎么喜欢,就没怎么吃。胡萝卜也是,感觉有点老,没怎么吃!我最先吃的应该是粉条!敲好吃!!🤣满足!香肠,刚打开罐头的时候特别香哈哈哈,把我家猫主子们都吸引过来了!结果吃的时候没有很惊喜,很软很嫩,但就是因为太软了,肉的口感没那么有嚼劲。 味道:蕃茄味很足!很浓!很不错!可是我是不辣不开心星人,所以我又自己加了两大勺的辣椒油!炒鸡爽!嘿嘿嘿~ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 总之:我打4/5,虽然看着很大一盒,但是我都没吃够,还差那么一点,不过我吃自热火锅,从来没吃饱过...然后菜和粉条的感觉非常好!很喜欢!但是我又没那么喜欢番茄味。如果有其他口味我肯定会买!!总之,吃的很开心啦🤣😋 # 亚米真的6 # # 亚米厨房 # # 亚米测评 # # 自热火锅 # # 无限回购 #