# 春日面膜打卡 ## 晒单闪现抢积分 # Drop, punch the third day! SK-II ex-boyfriend mask, are you using it right? Today I will introduce to you the famous SKII ex-boyfriend mask! I'm here to draw the highlights for you! If yami's baby doesn't want to read a long list, just remember my next sentence! After applying the mask, remember to rub the mud well! ! Such good skin get✅. Loulou, I used a whole box of skii before and found it very helpful. Later, when I was chatting with my friends, since my friends thought it was very useful? Because it is basically the same as my friend's skin care products, I think I will buy it again and try it! It hurts to think about it now... Who knew it was used like this, it didn't have the effect of ex-boyfriend's mask at all (😭). OK, let me talk about how to effectively use the skii mask based on my own experience and various posts: 1. Wash your face first. You can use it after deep cleaning. Usually, I will wash my face after taking a shower and then apply a mask. I don't know if there is any scientific basis, but I feel better after applying the mask after taking a shower. 2. After washing your face, apply skin lotion before putting on the mask, and pat your face. Of course, if the yami babies have the same series of fairy water, the effect is even better! ! 3. Take out the mask and stick it on your face. Because this mask is relatively thicker than other masks, it may not be very comfortable to stick to the face, so when I make this mask, I will lie down and apply it, and then I will use my hands to fit the mask. to your own skin. When lying down, I use the lazy stand to support my mobile phone and massage my face with my hands. (Of course, I'm coding today heihei) The patient yami can also make a face mask with his hands~ 4. There is a lot of essence in the packaging of the mask (still quite a lot)! ! Remember to squeeze out and apply on your neck and face! The extra can also be placed on the elbow. It's all money! 5. Remove the mask after 15-20 minutes. 6. Here comes the point! ! A must do after removing the mask! ! Please yami babies massage the cheeks. Know that it is slightly hot and then muddy! This one is super important! Because there is no big difference between rubbing mud and rubbing mud! After all, I wasted a box... After rubbing, when the essence was absorbed, I found that my face was super slippery! Touching my face after using one for the first time... 7. Follow-up skin care should also be done well! Alright, I'm off to mud! Tomorrow I will recommend Estee Lauder Iron Man Mask to everyone! (Speaking of Iron Man, I cry.)
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yami_featured_image # 春日面膜打卡 ## 晒单闪现抢积分 # 滴,打卡第三天! SK-II 前男友面膜 你用对了么? 今天给大家介绍的就是大名鼎鼎的SKII前男友面膜啦!我来给大家画重点啦!如果yami的宝宝不想读长篇的晒单,你就记住我这下一句话!敷完面膜摘下以后切记要好好搓泥!!这样好皮肤get✅。 楼楼我之前用了一整盒的skii觉得特别🐔助,后来和朋友聊天的时候朋友既然觉得异常的好用?因为和朋友的护肤品用的基本一致,所以楼楼觉得再买来试试!现在想想好心疼…谁知道是这样用的,根本没有发挥到前男友面膜的效果(😭)。 OK,下面我来说一下楼楼根据自己的经验还有看各种帖子总结出来的如何有效的使用skii这款面膜: 1. 首先要把脸洗干净,深度清洁后使用也是可以的,一般我会在洗完澡以后把脸洗干净然后敷一片面膜。不知道有没有科学依据,可是自我洗完澡以后敷面膜感觉效果会更好😂。 2. 洗完脸以后,在贴上面膜之前先涂上护肤水,拍脸,当然要是yami宝宝们有同系列的神仙水效果更加!! 3. 取出面膜贴在脸上。因为比起其他面膜这款面膜相对来说厚度是比较厚的,所以贴在脸上可能不是很服帖,所以我做这款面膜的时候都会平躺着敷,然后会用手去把面膜贴合到自己的肌肤。平躺的时候会用懒人支架架着自己的手机然后用手给脸做按摩。(当然今天就在码字了 heihei)耐心的yami宝也可以用手往外的给脸做面膜~ 4. 面膜的包装里面还有超级多的精华(还是蛮多的)!!记得挤出来敷在脖子和脸上!多余的还能放在手肘的位置。都是钱钱呀! 5. 15-20分钟把面膜取下来。 6. 重点来啦!!取下面膜以后一定要做的!!请yami宝们按摩脸颊。知道微微的有点发热然后有泥状!这一部超级重要!因为没有搓泥和搓泥的区别hin大!毕竟浪费了一盒…… 搓完当精华都吸收的时候就发现自己的脸超级滑!第一次用完一只在摸自己的脸… 7. 后续护肤也要做好哦!好了我去搓泥了!明天给大家推荐雅诗兰黛钢铁侠面膜!(说到钢铁侠,我哭。)