🌸Tory Burch's fragrance Love relentlessly is inspired by the love story of Tory's parents. After his parents met for the first time, his father wrote to his mother through the newspaper in the missing person notice section "If I told you that I love you, would you hold it against me?" and signed "Love, relentlessly". What a romantic love story! So this bottle of perfume is mainly pink tones, representing sweet love💑 🍃 Top notes: pink pepper, pink grapefruit. 🍃Middle Notes: Rose Essential Oil, Iris. 🍃Base notes; Patchouli, Amber. 🌸This perfume is floral and fruity, with sweet notes, but sweet but not greasy, which is more suitable for young girls; this bottle of perfume represents love, 520 is coming soon, boys are moving, this bottle is most suitable for men's tickets to send women's tickets , the husband sent his wife! Confession does not need to speak, a bottle of perfume, a story, she will understand in seconds 🥰 # 春日粉色即正义 # # 百万积分第六季 #
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🌸Tory Burch的这款香水Love relentlessly灵感源于Tory父母的爱情故事,他的父母在第一次邂逅之后,父亲通过报纸在寻人启事板块写给了母亲“If I told you that I love you, would you hold it against me?”并以落款写着“Love,relentlessly”。多么浪漫的爱情故事呀!所以这瓶香水也是以粉色调调为主,代表着甜蜜爱情💑 🍃前调:粉红胡椒,粉红西柚。 🍃中调:玫瑰精油,鸢尾花。 🍃后调;广藿香,琥珀。 🌸这款香水属于花果香,带甜调,但是甜而不腻,比较适合年轻女孩子;这瓶香水代表爱情,520快到啦,男生们动起来,这瓶最适合男票送女票,老公送老婆啦!表白不需要开口说,一瓶香水,一个故事,她会秒懂🥰 # 春日粉色即正义 # # 百万积分第六季 #