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Although I know this is going to be a list of hateful postings, please keep reading for those who have been successfully dragged!

[Purchasing Process]

5.11I forgot about the rush at midnight in the United States, it's over10minutes before I remember, earlyout of stock, then washed and fell asleep.

The next morning without an alarm I9Get up on time, and the first thing I do is to check my mobile phone. I accidentally saw that this set is available for purchase, and immediately bought three sets (9:03amThe first order is successful). After a while, there was still stock, I placed another order and bought two sets to give away (9:09am The second order was successful). Just a few minutes awayout of stockout🤷🏻‍♀️< /span>




I just received the package from 丝芙兰, and I sent the two orders together (丝芙兰 The system is so advanced ="s3">🤷🏻‍♀️ will automatically merge adjacent packages), the details are as follows:

1️⃣SKIIEx Boyfriend Mask: Don't Lie, Yes My favorite in this set

2️⃣Sea Salt Scalp Treatment: The Largest Package Of The Samples

3️⃣La Mer 7ml: Everyone should be rushing Come with this.

4️⃣Amorepacific Cleansing Powder: It is said to be quite expensive

5️⃣YSLLip Glaze: Color is dark red, I can't use it anyway

6️⃣Givenchy Color Changing Lipstick:The case is plastic , smallvery cute

where4,5, 6Although the traditional meaning is medium , but very small, 2 and 3 Slightly more, it is estimated that it will be used up in half a month.




I got two products as a gift with full amount, and it can be said that I am very satisfied with the full amount. Drunk Elephant Makeup Remover Cream originally wanted to buy it, but I didn't dare to buy it because of the scolding, but it is said that it works well but it doesn't smell good. Another is Algenist's Prebiotic Balancing Mask, which is worth a try.



The value is definitely the value$25, but definitely more than expected The quantity is too small, and it is not pleasant to use. If I really like the products in it, I will definitely choose to wait for a discount to buy the formal dress and send a lot of medium samples. But for those who haven't tried these products, it's worth grabbing! Finally, I will keep 2sets for personal use,3 Gift to friends~

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5.11美西零点的抢货我竟然给忘记了,过了10分钟后我才想起来,早就out of stock了,然后洗洗睡了。

第二天一早在没有闹钟的情况下我9点准时起床,第一件事刷手机,一不小心看到这个套装可以购买,立马买了三套(9:03am第一单成功)。过了一会,还有货,我又下了一单买了两套准备送人(9:09am第二单成功)。完事没过几分钟out of stock🤷🏻‍♀️







3️⃣La Mer 7ml:大家应该都是冲着这个来的吧












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