Some time ago, I took advantage of Yami's discount and entered Lanfang Garden, which has always been growing grass. When I went to Hong Kong to play, I went to Lanfangyuan to drink a cup of mandarin ducks, which was very unforgettable. Both black tea and coffee are fragrant. I was looking forward to seeing Lanfangyuan coming out with its own milk tea. What surprised me when I received the milk tea was that I thought it was powder, but it turned out to be liquid! The cup comes with a straw, just open the lid and plug it in to drink. The milk tea itself is delicious! It's not much different from the one you drink now in Hong Kong. It has a strong black tea flavor. Although it's a bit like Lipton's milk tea with a distinct black tea flavor, rather than the Taiwanese version, it's a few streets away from Lipton. Stock up on discount # 这些饮品好喝到飞起 ## 百万积分第六季 #
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前段时间趁着亚米打折入了一直长草的兰芳园。 当初去香港玩的时候去了兰芳园喝了杯鸳鸯,特别难忘。红茶和咖啡味都很香浓。看到兰芳园出了自家的奶茶很是期待。 收到奶茶让我吓一跳的是,本来以为里面是粉,结果竟然是液体!杯子自带吸管,打开盖子直接插下就能喝了。 奶茶本人很好喝诶!和在香港现喝的没差多少,浓浓的红茶味,虽然有点像立顿那种有明显红茶味的奶茶,而不是台版的奶茶,但甩开立顿好几条街。 打折必囤 # 这些饮品好喝到飞起 ## 百万积分第六季 #