Summer Beach Style|Breathable and Cool Big Bag

Watermelon purchased at Target 🍉Big bag, hollow and breathable design, perfect for going to the beach! In addition to this red watermelon🍉, there is also a super girly style of pink grapefruit!


The watermelon zipper opens to become a super-capacity backpack🎒Hey! Swimming gear that can accommodate a family, as well as two large bath towels.


The zipper is double-sided for easy storage in a watermelon bag and is super light. There is a rope design at the opening, so you don't have to worry about things falling out, and the shoulder straps can also be adjusted, which is really suitable for taking your baby to swim.


In the picture below, I put the children's swimming equipment. It can be seen that it only occupies one-fifth of the total capacity. It is really super equipment!


Hole and breathable design, even if the swimsuit is wet, you don't have to worry about smelling it, it basically dries all the way! Pink grapefruit is also super beautiful!

Insert a coin bag with the same food style as the real thing1:1Size, powder blue, bright colors and super cute.


The zipper is extra smooth and goes with the keychain.


There is a foam pad inside to prevent things from being crushed.

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