🌟A month ago, amazon released aveeno baby lotion discount, two bottles of 18oz, only $8.97! 🌟 Get two bottles for the price of one bottle, it's really a good deal! 🌟I didn't intend to buy it at first, but I didn't feel tempted to see one or two postings. After seeing three or four postings, I was shaken, and finally I bought it, hahaha 😄😬😉 🌟This brand of eczema is super easy to use. I used this brand for acne before, and the effect is really good! I'm not blowing it, it's easier to use than lamer, I just discovered a new world! 🌟Picture 2 is the supermarket price, picture 3 was bought at a discount of $5.39 on amazon, super cost-effective! 🌟When amazon has a discount, be sure to stock up 👍 # 超级辣妈计划 # # 百万积分第六季 #
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🌟一个月前amazon出了aveeno baby润肤露折扣,两瓶18oz的,才$8.97啊! 🌟一瓶的价格买到两瓶,真是超级划算呀! 🌟本来不打算买的,看见一个两个晒货没动心,看见三四个晒货之后动摇了,最后还是买了,哈哈哈😄😬😉 🌟这个牌子消eczema超好用的,我之前爆痘,用了一下这个,效果真的是太好了!不是我吹,比lamer还好用,简直发现新大陆! 🌟图二是超市价格,图三amazon$5.39打折时买的,超划算! 🌟amazon有折扣时,一定要囤哦👍 # 超级辣妈计划 # # 百万积分第六季 #