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✨ Internet Famous ✨

See what some of your favorite influencers are snacking on and get the same products as them right here at Yami

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motorcyclel0ver 🍜

Have you ever wondered what fried chicken, cheese, and mashed potatoes would taste on the viral Buldak ramen? After watching motorcyclel0ver's appetizing meal, try it for yourself!

epicofsyd 🍝

Join epicofsyd for her epic noodle mukbangs! Her videos captivate the delicious aroma and taste of your favorite noodles and tteokbokki TikTok: @epicofsyd

lylecrocodile 🥛

After a delicious meal of ramen and tteokbokki, end it on a sweet note with a refreshing banana milk or chocopie! Lylecrocodile's favorite is banana milk, but there's also strawberry, taro, and melon~