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Tasty, easy Asian meals at home

The idea of recreating your favorite Asian restaurant dishes at home or exploring new dinner flavors for weeknight isn’t as overwhelming as it seems. We have curated a wide range of popular dishes across Asia for you to choose from. They can be made and enjoyed at virtually no time at all. Get ready to spice up your next dinner with these awesome flavors.

The drink menu to start off with

Looking for a healthier alternative to soda? These low-calorie and low-sugar Asian drinks are the perfect choices.

Drink Menu

  • Step up the sparkling water game with these drinks. Delightful to enjoy on its own or booze it up with light rum, mint leaves, combine with lime juice to make yourself a floral fruity bubbly mojito.
  • Similar to Yakult, the Bikkle Yogurt Drink is a sweet probiotic drink fermented with the bacteria strain Lactobacillus. It’s meant to help with after meal digestion.

For entree, we present the following choices:

For your entree, we present Japanese Curry Rice and Shabu Shabu, Korean Bibimbap and Tteokbokki, and Chinese Hot Pot.

Entree Menu

  • Japanese curry has become a staple meal in Japan and is enjoyed by everyone of all ages. People typically associate the word curry with hot and spicy. However, Japanese Curry is much thicker and sweeter than Indian curry. The sweetness typically comes from grated apples, caramelized onions, and chopped carrots, but you can also mix in any vegetables or meat to your liking. Rice is typically served on the side of this savory dish.
  • Bibimbap is one of the most beloved Korean dishes. The term “Bibim” means mixing, while the “Bap” refers to rice. It’s normally mixed with seasoned veggies and gochujang (a fermented red chili paste that’s spicy and sweet). Endless variations can be made, depending on personal preferences and dietary requirements. Simply add your favorite choice or veggies and protein to take it up a level.
  • Chinese hot pot is not only delicious but also very convenient. The hot pot base is created by Haidilao, a well established hot pot restaurant in China, operating many locations across the globe. They are best known for their top notch service and the use of high quality ingredients. Now you can have easy access to this luxury wherever you go.

No dinner is complete without dessert:

Here we have traditional popular dessert that's an ideal pairing for a cup of after-dinner coffee or tea.

Dessert Menu

  • Daifuku, a traditional Japanese dessert filled with fine red bean paste. Soft and chewy with a hint of tea note in a bite. The perfect after meal choice.
  • The flower pastry A classic light refreshment from Yunnan, a place with year long mild weather and sunshine, offering excellent growth conditions for edible roses. This flaky layer of pastry is filled with edible local rose petals. A must try traditional sweet treat.