CANMAKE: Makeup to Find Your Own Kawaii Look

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CANMAKE: Makeup to Find Your Own Kawaii Look

While the world of Japanese beauty offers a wide range of makeup brands, some can start as a gateway and end up being the constant that you turn to again and again. For Japanese drugstore makeup (called puchi pura, or “petite price,” in Japanese), CANMAKE is definitely one of those brands. Owned by a company called IDA Laboratories that also offers natural makeup products and fragrances, CANMAKE (which is having its 35th anniversary this year) is a brand that, if you did an unofficial survey in Japan, probably shows up in the highest number of makeup bags. While geared toward younger customers for whom kawaii (the Japanese concept of “cute”) is key, it’s hard to stop using CANMAKE products because they’re just so solid. Plus they’re super affordable—you’ll never pay more than $20 for a CANMAKE item.And most importantly, every CANMAKE product is really cute. And you’ll feel happier just seeing it every time you open your makeup bag.


The exciting news is that Yami is the official authorized online vendor of CANMAKE products, and we are having a 2-week launch promotion of 20% off on all CANMAKE products with code CM20. What’s more, the first 150 people to buy $30 or more of CANMAKE products will receive a small, gold makeup bag for free! So check out below to learn about some of CANMAKE’s most popular products and to find your next makeup love!

A Finishing Powder for Marshmallow-Like Skin

The Marshmallow Finish Powder ~Abloom~ is meant to set your foundation before you move on to the next step in your makeup routine. A newer edition of the popular Marshmallow Finish Powder, ~Abloom~ has SPF 19 and comes in two colors: [01] Dearest Bouquet (for overall brightening and more effective color correcting) and [02] Sakura Tulle (for a warmer finish). The powder looks white when initially applied but sets to leave a soft-focus glow. The goal here is the “marshmallow” look—smooth, soft, and delicious-looking. Dearest Bouquet has been described as a dupe for La Poudre Haute Nuance #01 “Elegant” from Elégance (the brand owned by the company Albion, which also owns the Anna Sui and PAUL & JOE Beaute brands)—which costs ¥11,000. ::gulp:: ~Abloom~ comes with a built-in mirror and an applicator puff, along with a super pretty case—as if it fell out of Princess Serenity’s makeup bag. Be careful, or you might obsess about keeping it spotless and free of fingerprints…

Eyeshadow Palettes to Achieve Any Look

Whether you want to emphasize your eye look or have it play a supporting role to the rest of your makeup, CANMAKE gives you options. The Perfect Multi Eyes is a matte eyeshadow that offers a range of usable palettes and evokes the elegance of a Golden Era cinema actress. The colors are buildable, from subtle to striking. The powder is firmly packed, so you won’t have to worry about it coming loose in the palate or creating fallout after application. The item is a complete set—colors for your base, main, accent, eyebrow, and liner—and the package shows how you can use it. With a built-in mirror and a dual-ended mini brush and sponge tip, this item really is a multipurpose one.

The Silky Souffle Eyes, on the other hand, is all about the sparkle to accompany the color. It’s a classic eyeshadow quad that’s great for using all together or as isolated colors. (The packaging, again, provides helpful suggestions for use.) The powder is a bit looser than the Perfect Multi Eyes so there’s a bit more care involved, but if you’re looking for a pearly look that’s soft and (dare we say) souffle-like, you might give this line a try.

A Mascara that Lengthens and Defines—Naturally

If you want to look like you were born with naturally long lashes (who doesn’t?), try the Quick Lash Curler Separate. This mascara (including primer) has a thin wand and a defined brush that makes it easy to apply multiple thin layers of the product to give your lashes volume without clumping, weight, or fakeness. The wand also makes it easy to maneuver for use on lashes in the inner and outer corners of your eyes. As the name says, it’s great for keeping your lashes separate and defined. The product comes in multiple colors, so you can choose the one that best fits your look of the day.

Just the Right Glow You Want from a Blush

Known as “cheek” in Japanese, the Glow Fleur Cheeks are a line of beautiful blushes that give you a healthy look with a bit of shimmer and, well… glow! The small palette contains both a “cheek” section and a “glow powder” section—the former for the color, the latter for the sparkle. The color is subtle but can be layered, depending on whether you’re aiming for “mature” or “cute.” A gentle swipe gives you that “I just took a short walk in the sun!” kind of look. The shine is elegant and not too flashy. While the Cream Cheek line from CANMAKE gives you more of a dewy color, the Glow Fleur Cheeks maintain a softer look. Actually, the best part of this item is the feel of running the included brush on the surface of the palette—what satisfying texture!

The Only Lip Item You Need in Your Makeup Bag

Sometimes you just need a good lip color and you’re ready to head out the door. And it’s not an exaggeration to suggest that, just maybe, the Melty Luminous Rouge is the only lip item you need in your makeup bag. The product goes on like a balm—it feels like a balm—but gives you the rich pigmentation of lipstick. It’s sheer but provides good coverage, and it also moisturizes your lips while giving them a bit of glossiness. (There’s a bit of transfer given the creamy texture, but it’s such a pretty color that you might not mind having it on your coffee cup...) The product is easy to apply because it has a flat end (unlike an angled lipstick), and once you get used to it, you probably won’t even need a mirror. The bullet tip has an adorable heart imprint that’ll make you happy every time you look at it. Unless you want very striking, matte lips, you honestly might not need to have any other lip item in your arsenal.