Michelin Chef Ivan x Yami Chocolate Gift Box

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Michelin Guide Chef Ivan x Yami Chocolate Gift Box

Yami is partnering with the celebrated New York (and formerly Tokyo) eatery Ivan Ramen to create the ultimate chocolate box curated by award-winning Chef Ivan Orkin. Orkin is best known for founding Ivan Ramen, a Michelin restaurant based in New York City. Orkin was also featured in the hit NETFLIX series Chef’s Table in 2017.

Now Yami and Chef Ivan are partnering to showcase authentic and trendy Japanese snacks through the Ivan Ramen Chocolate Box, the third “ultimate kit” released under the Yami x Chef Ivan partnership

Ivan Chocolate Box

The box features 10 of the most popular Japanese chocolate items in the Yami inventory, including several Kit Kat bars, Japan’s top-selling treat, with flavors that are only produced in Japan. Also in the box are two varieties of the globally acclaimed Guinness World Record-holder Pocky biscuit sticks. The beloved treat earned nearly 4 million mentions on social media, earning it the “Most Mentions of a Brand Name on Twitter in 24 Hours” award from Guinness. Rounding out the treat box is a variety of other snacks that are sure to appeal to chocolate lovers everywhere.

What's in the box?

  • 1. Japanese Kit Kat Milk Tea Chocolate Wafer: This candy bar replicates the pulled tea (Teh Tarik) experience that can be found at Malaysia’s outdoor food stands, complete with its pungent black tea scent. The bar features a spicy, nutty black tea taste, making it one of the more distinctive Kit Kat flavors.
  • 2. Japanese Kit Kat Crepe White Chocolate Wafer: Only produced in winter, this limited-edition Kit Kat blends a thin fiantine (crepe dough) with a white chocolate exterior. The moderately sweet chocolate flavor is perfect for chocolate lovers looking for a truly elegant experience.
  • 3. Japanese Kit Kat Coffee Chocolate Wafer: Chocolate and coffee go together like very few other combinations, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in the Kit Kat Coffee Chocolate Wafer Bar. The coffee flavor is nice and rich, but not so strong as to overpower the chocolate exterior.
  • 4. Japanese KitKat Blue Ocean Chocolate Wafer: For candy lovers who like to blend a little social justice with their snacking, the Japanese Kit Kat Save the Blue Ocean Flavor is the one for you. With the slogan “Give the Ocean a Break” on the label, the candy bar comes with a Nestle Japan promise to donate a portion of all proceeds to help clean up the ocean. The sea salt flavor should be a treat for lovers of savory candy like salted caramel.
  • 5. POCKY Chocolate Biscuit Sticks: There’s a reason Pocky earned itself a Guinness World Record. The chocolate-covered biscuit sticks are beloved the world over. It is also a romantic treat, of sorts, with a kissing game named after it. In the “Pocky Game” two people begin eating a Pocky from either side, eventually working their way to the middle. If they end in a kiss, the game is considered a “tie.” The Chocolate Biscuit Stick is the original and best-known flavor.
  • 6. Pocky Almond Chocolate Biscuit Sticks: What’s the only thing that can top the original Pocky stick? Ground almond pieces top the original bar for a tasty treat that combines nuts, chocolate and the original biscuit sticks. The treats are perfect on their own or served as a side to a bowl of ice cream or an afternoon coffee break.
  • 7. Puku-Puku Taiyaki Chocolate Flavor Limited Edition: Japanese street food lovers know there is nothing quite so satisfying as the traditional Taiyaki, a freshly prepared fish-shaped pastry that tastes a little bit like a stuffed waffle cone. The Puku-puku Taiyaki Chocolate Flavor dessert delivers all the goodness of street food to your home, with a chocolate mousse-filled treat, wrapped in a crunch mochi wafer.
  • 8. Pejoy Chocolate Cream Filled Biscuit Sticks: If you’re new to biscuit stick treats, it might be easy to confuse Pocky and Pejoy. But where Pejoy lovers find their joy is in the chocolate cream that is found inside the biscuit. Fun fact, Gilco, the manufacturer of both Pocky and Pejoy reportedly created Pejoy after some consumers mentioned they were getting chocolate on their hands from the Pocky sticks.
  • 9. Bing Bing Crispy Ice Cream Cone Snack with Chocolate Filling: Another option in biscuit stick snack treats is the Bing Bing Crispy Ice Cream Cone Snack, with an exterior that, you guessed it, tastes like an ice cream cone. The ultra-soft “airy” interior gives the overall snack a true ice cream-like experience.
  • 10. Chocolate Gummy Candy Strawberry Flavor: Chocolate-covered raisin lovers will go wild for the chocolate gummy candy strawberry flavor treats. Packaged in a handy tube these round, these bite size candies have a delicious strawberry center covered with a rich chocolate exterior.

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