Dragon Boat Festival '24

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Dragon Boat Festival🐉

Dragon Boat Festival is a lively celebration that combines exhilarating races, featuring boats adorned with dragon heads, with the enjoyment of delectable sticky rice dumplings. Get up to 50% off on select zongzi! Scroll to find your favorite one now~

  • Sticky Rice Dumplings/Zongzi🐉
  • Friends & Family Gifting🎁
  • Family Reunion Dinner🥘
  • Friends & Family Gatherings🥂
  • Nourish Your Health🍀

Sticky Rice Dumplings/Zongzi: Savory vs. Sweet! 🍙

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Zongzi, the iconic leaf-wrapped rice dumplings, are eaten during Dragon Boat Festival to commemorate Qu Yuan, a legendary poet, and statesman. He met his demise in the Miluo River, so to pay respects to his patriotism we feed fish with these zongzi so his body and soul might escape the mouths of hungry fish

Pick Your Zongzi!

Sweet Zongzi

Red Bean Paste Zongzi

Date & Original Zongzi

Savory Zongzi

Make Your Own Zongzi

Zongzi with Tea

Bringing Good Luck and Good Fortune

Visiting Friends & Family with Gifts 🎁

Family Reunion Dinner 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Celebrate this festive season with your loved ones as you enjoy zongzi together and appreciate the traditions of Dragon Boat Festival

Steamers for Delicious Zongzi

Practical Kitchenware

Necessary Seasonings