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It's Harvest Time!

This is a time of massive harvest celebrations, marked by wholesome reunions, golden hues in nature, and a distinctive earthy and sugary scent. When this time of the year comes, it’s almost inevitable to crave the comfort of carbs.

Harvest Box--Festive Flavors

Yami has curated the perfect Autumn Harvest Box of 8 Japanese snacks, highlighting festive flavors like chestnut, sweet potato, persimmon, and corn. Get lost in the variety and discover a new favorite treat. With this box, autumn is sweeter, happier, and more fruitful than ever before!

What's in the box?

  • 1. Salty Marron (Salted Chestnut Cookies): An exquisite and fluffy cookie made with Guérande sea salt. Dough is kneaded with Waguri paste and baked with butter, egg yolk, and fresh cream.
  • 2. Shiruko Sand Kuri (Chestnut Flavor Baked Wheat Biscuits): Autumn is a time of harvest, and this chestnut biscuit is the perfeck pick for a seasonal snack!
  • 3. Country Maam Yaki Amaron (Chestnut Flavor Soft Cookies): An autumn exclusive, this soft cookie is made from Kumamoto chestnnuts. Pop in the microwave for 10 seconds and enjoy with coffee or black tea.
  • 4. Look Sweet Potato Daigaku Imo (Chocolate with Candied Sweet Potato Filling): For foodies who love the latest Japanese treats, this is the snack to try! Made with chocolate and Kumamoto Daigaku Imo (candied sweet potato).
  • 5. All Aaaort Raisin & Osatsu (Raisin & Sweet Potato Soft Biscuits): Enjoy a family-sized treat with these raisin and sweet potato cookies! Crispy, crunchy, and cheerful.
  • 6. Wagokochi Saryo Croom Yakiimo (Baked Wheat Cracker Sweet Potato Flavor): A puffy and crunchy treat with a strong taste of sweet potato.
  • 7. Shibukaki Care (Hard Candy Persimmon Flavor): This hard persimmon candy was developed by Nara Medical University and MBT Consortium! A new and healthy snack for your self-care routine.
  • 8. Tongari Corn Cracker Butter Toast Flavor: Tongari corn cracker has a distinctive taste of toast soaked in creamy butter. Coming in a playful cone shape, it's delicious and fun~

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