𝐿𝒜𝒟𝒴 𝑀 • Delicate afternoon tea in Beverly Hills 🍰🥂✨



▪️First day in Los Angeles with my mommelrose I took it to my favorite dessert shopLADY M! Really just come to the pheasant or go to the big city I try to find it hahahahahahahaha! Because I really love it!

▪️This time at Beverly Hills LADY M The surrounding environment is very good It is quiet, elegant and expensive Hahaha~I just found a parking lot 15 minutes3💲 Really expensive in our small city1hrcalculated😂 But the advantage is that the parking lot is in a good location across the street< span class="s3">LADY MYes!

▪️This time I chose my favorite matcha lasagna🍵 the best one in his family < /span>Do not accept any rebuttal🤣Anyway, I would eat a whole piece by myself. The one that won't get tired of you! His Melaleuca is really the thinnest and most delicate that this foodie has ever eaten< /span> Each piece of plywood is particularly uniform Add the most suitable cream and fresh matcha powder A mouthful of happiness! 

▪️I also ordered a strawberry cake🍰🍓 Actually much less than that Strawberry cake is normal. But the ingredients are still very good.! It will be a little sweeter if you eat too much with lemonade Or tea is great!

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𝐿𝒜𝒟𝒴 𝑀 •比弗利山庄的精致下午茶🍰🥂✨



▪️洛杉矶游玩的第一天和妈妈逛完melrose 就带着去打卡了我最爱的甜品店LADY M! 真的是只要来山鸡或者去大城市 我都努力寻找它的身影哈哈哈哈! 因为真的真的很爱了!

▪️这次打卡了比弗利山庄的LADY M 周围环境特别好 就是安静优雅又贵贵的感觉哈哈哈~随便找了一个停车楼 15分钟3💲 真的挺贵的 在我们小城市都是1hr算的😂 但是优点就是停车楼位置很好 过个街就到LADY M了!

▪️这次还是选择了我最爱的抹茶千层🍵 他家最最好吃的一款 不接受任何反驳🤣反正就是我一个人吃一整块都不会觉得腻的那种! 他家千层真的是本吃货吃过最最薄且细腻的 千层每一片都特别均匀 加上最最合适的口感的奶油 还有清新的抹茶粉 一口口真的好幸福! 

▪️另外还点了一个草莓蛋糕🍰🍓 说实话逊色很多 草莓蛋糕就正常水平吧 不过吃的出来食材还是很好的! 吃多了会有点儿甜 配柠檬水或茶很赞!

 # 手机里舍不得删的照片 # # 格格的分享 #