New York Chinatown Food🍛Hong Kong Canteen Kong Sihk Tong ————————————————————— I never realized that there are so many delicious food in Chinatown! 🤭 I saw a lot of people in Xiaohongshu and I went to this tea restaurant, Amway, to check in today~ The per capita consumption is not high, and the food is full and super full hahaha! ·Hong Kong-style milk tea☕️ The hot milk tea I ordered is sugar-free~ The clerk will add sugar according to your preference, which is quite considerate~ I think the tea-flavored milk taste is just right 👌🏻 Silky and really delicious! ·Japanese-style seafood fried udon noodles is still "dancing" when the fried noodles are served~ I feel full of appetite when I look at it 🤤 The seafood has squid, shrimp, fresh scallops, and the taste is quite satisfactory. Very full! · Niu Sanbao has beef brisket, tendon, tripe, and white radish. The seasoning is moderate and not too salty. The beef is very large and it is a bit hard to bite~ The white radish has just the right degree of softness and hardness, and it is super delicious in the mouth! ·O Huatian West Toast Seeing that almost everyone ordered this one, I am no exception! 🤪 But I really don't like to eat cocoa-flavored things~ But this one is really recommended to try it when the calorie is on the table! There is also sauce on the toast sandwich with condensed milk and Ohuatian sauce 2 at one time, you can cut it off and stick to 4. The toast is not easy to eat. # # 我要当测评官第7期 # # 花式比童心 #
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Yamiセレクション 纽约唐人街美食🍛港食堂Kong Sihk Tong ———————————————————— 以前一直没发觉原来唐人街的美食超多!🤭 在小红书看到很多人安利这家茶餐厅今天去打卡啦~ 人均消费不高东西都很有份量吃的超饱哈哈哈! ·港式奶茶☕️ 我是点的热奶茶端上来是无糖的哦~ 店员会给砂糖自己按照喜好添加还是蛮贴心的~ 茶味奶味我觉得正合适很👌🏻丝滑确实好喝! ·日式海鲜炒乌冬面 炒面端上来的时候上面的木鱼花还在“跳舞”~ 看着就觉得食欲满满🤤海鲜有鱿鱼虾仁鲜瑶柱 味道中规中矩乌冬面炒的刚好很Q弹分量很足! ·牛三宝 有牛腩牛筋牛肚还有白萝卜调味适中不会过咸 牛肉都很大一块很实在咬起来还是有点费劲~ 白萝卜软硬程度恰到好处入口就化超好吃的! ·阿华田西多士 看到大家几乎都点这一款那我也不例外啦!🤪 不过我平时确实是不喜欢吃可可味的东西~ 但是这个真的非常推荐热量爆表也要试一试! 旁边配着炼乳和阿华田酱吐司夹心也有酱哦~ 不要一次加太多酱可以切下来粘着吃不容易腻 吐司中间化开的酱油部分软趴趴的我最喜欢~ # 萌新报道 # # 百万积分第六季 # # 我要当测评官第7期 # # 花式比童心 #