Brooklyn Food|A bowl of 🦞 Lobster soup noodles bigger than your face ————————————————— The name of the store is Pho60 North and South Vietnam coordinates 1001 60th St Brooklyn, NY 11219 This Vietnamese restaurant opened For a long time, I didn’t go there because I felt inconspicuous 🤭 I didn’t intend to see someone posting their “original lobster soup noodle” on Yelp. Children who grew up by the sea were restless 😂 Checking in is a matter of minutes! ·Original lobster🦞The soup noodle soup includes a whole big lobster, 8-9 slices of beef and rice noodles~ The original lobster is very fresh and the cream tastes really good😂 The taste of the soup is strong but not refreshing The combination of greasy and scallion crisp is really fragrant! The soup noodle is 26.95, and the price marked on the Menu is S.P. Ask before ordering ~ I can only say that the portion is very real, and it’s really not polite 😂 Just eating lobster will make you full! Hahaha so I packed all the rest of the beef and noodle soup... 🤭 · Avocado roll 🥑 This is for the male ticket 😂 I don't think there is anything special~ The roll contains avocado rice noodle cucumber carrot lettuce 🥬 The sauce on the side is very good It's really delicious, hahahaha! 🤪 ·Shrimp 🍤 Green papaya salad I don’t really like this one, I prefer Thai style 🤭 Their salad 🥗 only tastes of Thai sweet and spicy sauce and mint leaf shrimp is fresh but the taste is not outstanding enough so I don’t recommend it~ · Hainanese Chicken 🐔 Rice Chicken is available in whole or half portions~ With two sauces, I prefer the green one with chili sauce on the table, I wonder if it’s home-made and tastes good! Hainan chicken is pretty good overall eating meat is tender 🌝 can point oh ~ # 百万积分第六季 # # 拜托了冰箱 # # 我要当测评官第7期 # # 花式比童心 #
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Brooklyn美食|一碗🦞比脸大的龙虾汤粉 ——————————————————— 店名 Pho60 南北越 坐标 1001 60th St Brooklyn, NY 11219 这家越南餐馆开了蛮久一直觉得不起眼就没去🤭 无意在Yelp上看到别人发他们家的“原只龙虾汤粉” 海边长大的孩子不淡定了😂打卡就是分分钟的事! ·原只龙虾🦞汤粉 汤粉里包括一整只大龙虾和8-9片的牛肉还有米粉~ 龙虾原汁原味很新鲜很多膏吃起来真的超带感😂 汤的味道浓郁但清爽不油腻和葱油酥搭配实在很香呢! 汤粉是26.95在Menu上标的价格是S.P.点之前问问~ 只能说非常实在份量真的没再客气😂光吃龙虾就饱了! 哈哈哈所以剩下的牛肉和汤粉我全部打包了…🤭 ·牛油果卷🥑 这个是男票要吃的😂我觉得没什么特别之处~ 卷里面包含牛油果米粉青瓜胡萝卜生菜🥬 旁边搭配的酱很很好吃倒是真的哈哈哈哈!🤪 ·虾🍤青木瓜沙拉 这一道个人没有很喜欢我更偏爱泰式口味的🤭 他们家的沙拉🥗只有泰式甜辣酱的味道和薄荷叶 虾仁很新鲜但口味上还是不够突出不是很推荐~ ·海南鸡🐔饭 鸡肉有整只或者半只的份量可供选择~ 配搭两种酱汁我自己更喜欢绿色的那一款 桌上有辣椒酱不知道是不是店家自制的味道不错! 海南鸡整体来说不错吃🌝肉质很嫩可以点哦~ # 百万积分第六季 # # 拜托了冰箱 # # 我要当测评官第7期 # # 花式比童心 #