ᴀᴄǫᴜᴀ ᴅɪ ᴘᴀʀᴍᴀ-Minority Fresh Hand Cream✨💙


▪️Lately like to buy hand cream like crazy < /span>Really like I was obsessed with lipstick for a while in the past💄I just thought Buy a variety of hand creams I especially love niche and delicate hand creams< span class="s3">! A previous entry in BARNEYS PoAcqua di Parma's hand cream received almost a week before I came to share it with you!

▪️First, let’s talk about the water of Parma ( Acqua di Parma) is a perfume brand from Italy /span>~Acqua di ParmaEmbodiment of Italian tasteful lifestyle and exquisite craftsmanship. Quality Creativity Elegance and uniqueness are" Acqua di Parma" brand style! Quality comes from selected top-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship~Creativity is a new twist on a timeless classic span>.Elegance is innate style Avoid short-lived trends! Unique is"Acqua di ParmaThe most iconic feature of all Acqua di Parma products~These characteristics of the brand Make beauty a lifestyle.Understated luxury Never deliberately Pride personal style Combines tradition and modernity! (from Xiaodu^_^)

▪️This time in3 Hand cream Two small ones a large one~a small oneCHINOTTO DI LIGURIA/ MIRTO DI PANAREAThe big one is2018Christmas limited edition calledcolonia~ span>I took apart two small ones and smelled them. I really like them What is this for a delicate girl It's beautiful! < /span>The small hand cream is light blue The texture is very refreshing Not greasy Very suitable for spring and summer use It smells very good It smells like the same fragrance a little It's not that kind of street scent either! And the scent is long lasting! !!

▪️My favorite of the two I bought isMIRTO DI PANAREAMyrtle California cinnamon It tastes good Smells unique Clean, fresh, high-end sensual woody notes ! I really want the same fragrance! It is said that it is the same fragrance as Park Chanyeol< /span> Li Jiaqi's strong taste of Amway!! Top Notes: Myrtle Basil lemon🍋bergamot < /span>Middle tone:Sea water Rose Jasmine rear drop:Frankincense juniper amber Cedar!! would love to do it!< /span>

▪️The large bottle of hand cream in yellow packaging is not removed 300mlToo big Prepare to bring it home for later use! It is said to be more neutral Has a good smell of sandalwood~If the male ticket likes it, I will give it to him hahaha ~If I have to say one disadvantage, it is really a bit expensive 30mlHand Cream30💲I just hope that the next discount will have!

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ᴀᴄǫᴜᴀ ᴅɪ ᴘᴀʀᴍᴀ-小众清新护手霜✨💙


▪️最近疯狂的喜欢买护手霜 真的是像以前有段时间着迷于口红一样💄就想买各种各样的护手霜 尤其很爱小众的又精致的护手霜! 之前在BARNEYS入的一波Acqua di Parma的护手霜收到了快一星期了才来给大家分享!

▪️首先说下帕尔玛之水(Acqua di Parma)这个品牌吧 是来自意大利的香水品牌~Acqua di Parma体现了意大利独具品味的生活方式以及精湛的手工艺术. 质量 创意 优雅和独特是“Acqua di Parma”的品牌风格! 质量来源于精选的顶级材料和精湛的手工技艺~创意是对永恒经典赋予新元素.优雅是与生俱来的风格 避开短暂流行的趋势! 独特是“Acqua di Parma帕尔玛之水”所有产品最标志性的特征~品牌的这些特点 让美成了一种生活品味.低调奢华 从不刻意 崇尚个人风格 结合了传统与现代! (来自小度^_^)

▪️这次入了3款护手霜 两款小的 一款大的~小的分别是CHINOTTO DI LIGURIA/ MIRTO DI PANAREA大的是2018的圣诞限量 叫做colonia~拆了两个小的闻了闻试了试真的太喜欢了 这是什么精致女孩用的呀 太美好了! 小的护手霜膏体是淡蓝色的 质地很清爽不油腻 很适合春夏使用 味道非常的好闻 就像是同系列香水的味道 一点儿也不是那种街香的感觉! 而且香味很持久!!!

▪️我入的这两款中我最爱的就是MIRTO DI PANAREA桃金娘加州桂 味道很好闻很独特 干净清新又高级撩人的的木质香调! 很想入同款香水! 据说还是朴灿烈同款 李佳琪强烈安利的味道!! 前调: 桃金娘 罗勒柠檬🍋佛手柑 中调:海水 玫瑰 茉莉 后掉:乳香 杜松 琥珀 雪松!! 非常想要行动起来了!

▪️大瓶的黄色包装的护手霜没拆 300ml太大了 准备后期带回国用了! 据说是比较偏中性的 有很好闻的檀香味道~要是男票喜欢就送他了哈哈哈~如果一定要说一个缺点那就是真心有点儿贵了 30ml的护手霜30💲只希望下次打折还有!

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