ɢɪᴠᴇɴᴄʜʏ | Summer must-have clear liquid foundation💞


▪️Continue sharing what was repurchased long ago La~repurchased a bottleGIVENCHY Probably the last time I bought it for Chinese New Year I'm almost doneI don't know if My face is big or it is because of waste. It is really fast.!

▪️GIVENCHYBefore@Old fat boy recommended to me I have been using this since I bought it It can be said to be true love! This foundation is really moisturizing good to recommend On and without false white and powder!! Perfect for spring and summer The makeup looks natural The kind that is not very pompous~ It is a medium level of makeup resistance. Adding loose powder setting makeup or makeup setting spray will be much better!!

▪️The only small downside is that it may be a bit small It's useless by itself similar3months I use it3/4Yes!!! But it's okayBARNEYS< span class="s2">Discount It's a good deal to save a lot Better than beforeSEPHORABenefits! and BARNEYS still in the latest packaging span> The color number and so on are marked more clearly and carefully!! Nothing else has changed!

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ɢɪᴠᴇɴᴄʜʏ | 夏日必备 清透粉底液💞


▪️继续分享很早之前回购的东西啦~回购了一瓶GIVENCHY的粉底液 大概上次购买时过年的时候吧 我就已经快要用完了不知道是自己脸大还是因为浪费真的用好快!

▪️GIVENCHY是之前@老胖儿推荐给我的 入了这款之后就一直用的这个了 可以说是真爱了! 这款粉底真的还挺滋润的 好推开 而且不会假白和浮粉!! 春夏季用再合适不过了 妆感出来很自然 不会很浮夸的那种~就是持妆度中等水平 加了散粉定妆或者定妆喷雾会好很多!!

▪️唯一的小缺点就是可能有点儿少 本身自己用起来很废 差不多3个月我就用了3/4!!! 不过还好BARNEYS打折 算下来省了很多很划算了 比之前SEPHORA划算! 而且BARNEYS的还是最新款包装 色号什么的标注得都更加的清楚仔细!! 其它的都没变!

 # 手机里舍不得删的照片 # # 格格的分享 # # 全球好货装进家 #