ᴊᴏ ᴍᴀʟᴏɴᴇ | Sweet gentle and elegant fragrance ♥️


▪️Jo Malone class="s2">Peony Blush Suede QIncense was a long, long time agoSephora8Fold offbirthday gift! Do not own anyJo MaloneQScented So I still like it very cute span>!andSephoraalso Comes with an exquisite small box It's pretty good! span>

▪️This taste isPeony Blush Suede < /span>I don't have this either~I opened it that day and smelled it, and it felt pretty good. Not too amazing But it doesn't smell bad either! The fragrance is elegant and floral

▪️Top note: Red apple (crisp red apple aroma opens with a sweet and full fruity aroma)

Middle Notes: Peony< span class="s3"> (Delicate Floral Delicate Rose and honey flavors and subtle green freshness~The fragrance of the fragrance As charming as it blooms!)

back notes: suede< span class="s3"> (soft texture elements added The floral scent of peony brings an alluring sensibility to the fragrance)

This is generally sweet yet elegant and feminine! Suitable for autumn and winter Office workers can also use Not strong more gentle and lightly cooked< span class="s3">!!!!!

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ᴊᴏ ᴍᴀʟᴏɴᴇ | 甜甜的温柔优雅香♥️


▪️Jo MalonePeony Blush Suede Q香是很久很久以前Sephora8生日那段时间送的! 自己也没有任何Jo MaloneQ 所以还是很喜欢的太可爱了!而且Sephora还配了一个精致的小盒子 还挺不错的!

▪️这款的味道是Peony Blush Suede 我也没有这款~那天打开闻了闻觉得也还不错 不算多惊艳 但是也不会难闻! 这款的香调属于优雅花香型

▪️前调: 红苹果(清脆的红苹果的香气 打开之后带有甜美饱满的的果香)

中调: 牡丹花 (精致的花香 精致的玫瑰和蜂蜜口味以及微妙的绿色新鲜感~香水散发出的香气 就像它绽放时的妩媚一样!

后调: 麂绒 (柔和的质地元素 补充了牡丹的花香 为香水带来诱人的感性)

这款总的来说属于甜美中又带优雅和妩媚的! 适合秋冬时候用 上班族用也可以 不浓郁 比较温婉轻熟风!!!!!

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