# 全球好货装进家 # # 开箱晒一“夏” # Canmake is a popular makeup brand under Ida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Seiko Matsuda, a well-known Japanese girl, is also a well-known fan of Canmake. 💓This 8-hour long-lasting moisturizing Canmake high moisturizing sunscreen lipstick, color number: 3# water red, the specially added moisturizing formula forms a protective film on the surface of the lips, smooth and moisturizing, there is no need to worry about drying and peeling, and there is no stickiness at all Sensitive, UV protects lips from UV damage 💓Although its color rendering is not very high, it is very natural red and orange, and nude makeup is easy to control
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Yamiセレクション # 全球好货装进家 # # 开箱晒一“夏” # Canmake是日本井田制药株式会社旗下的人气化妆品牌,日本知名女生松田圣子也是Canmake的知名粉丝。 💓这款8小时持久滋润的Canmake高保湿防晒唇膏,色号:3#水红色,特别添加的滋润配方在唇部表面形成保护膜,柔滑水润,完全不用担心干燥脱皮,也完全没有粘腻感,UV保护唇部不受紫外线伤害 💓虽然它显色度没有很高,非常自然的水红偏橘,裸妆轻松驾驭