This crisp is so good, it won the iTQi Superior Taste Award in 2018. This is a very heavy European food award, and the awards are divided into three grades according to the score (respectively delicious, rare and strange). This little chip got a second "Precious" grade! Take a look at what's inside: a banana chip, folded in half, filled with soft tamarind cake (tamarind is a sour horn, an interesting tropical fruit), and st0 with some grated coconut. It makes sense to win the award, there are many combinations of textures and flavors: crisp and waxy, sour and sweet, bright fruity and rich coconut aroma, delicious ~ #开箱晒一“夏” # #0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation02785dad4b40416589fb58593b9c
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这个脆片很厉害,拿到了2018年的iTQi顶级美味奖章(iTQi Superior Taste Award)。这是一个分量很重的欧洲食品类奖项,评出来的奖根据分数再分三个等级(分别是美味、珍味、奇味)。 这个小脆片拿到了第二个「珍味」等级! 看看里面有什么:一枚香蕉脆片,对半折,里面夹着软糯的罗望子糕(罗望子就是酸角,一种很有趣的热带水果),再塞了一些椰蓉。 拿奖是有道理的,很多种质地和风味的组合:脆和糯,酸和甜,明亮的果香和馥郁的椰香,好吃~# 开箱晒一“夏” # # 三食三餐 #