For the fire extinguisher, I bought a bunch of stuff! Amy, how are you? Yes. Because to buy that fire extinguisher ebony drink, I dropped a bunch of stuff! Then found out there is my favorite matcha egg roll! Mom, this is so delicious! ! I decided to order two and I originally ordered three, but I reduced one for fear of being scolded by my mother. Then I found that there is a lychee-flavored pulp. I haven’t tried it, but it looks very attractive, hee hee. Other snacks, oh, and two soymilk skin care products, which have been famous for a long time but have not used them, bought them and tried them out, because I happened to be running out of them, hehehe # 这些饮品好喝到飞起 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translationdbf603d5c47a4c15a9681615
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为了灭火筒,又买了一堆东西啊!亚米你好坏啊!是的. 因为为了买那个灭火筒乌梅饮料又下了一堆东西拉! 然后发现有我最喜欢的抹茶蛋卷!妈耶这个超好吃的好吗!!果断下两个本来下3个,怕被我妈骂就减了一个. 然后发现有个荔枝味的果肉,没试过,看上去很吸引,嘻嘻. 等一下吃吃看. 然后就是买去其他零食了,oh,还有两个豆乳的护肤产品,出名很久但是没用过,买来试下,因为刚好我的也快用完了,嘻嘻哈哈呵呵# 这些饮品好喝到飞起 # # 我要当测评官第9期 #