The evaluation package I received the day before yesterday has a coconut fragrance, Tao Yanxi. I ate it yesterday. I heated it in the microwave, and the smell of coconut wafted out 😍 The weather is hot, and I feel that I have no appetite. After eating it, I feel a little appetite, it's really good! It's one of the prizes, I didn't take the packaging, I took it and threw it away
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前天收到的测评礼包有椰香味 桃颜羮,昨天吃过了,我用微波炉加热一下,椰香的味道就飘出来了 😍 天气热,我感觉都没胃口。吃了它,感觉有点胃口了,真的不错哦! 它是奖品之一,包装我没拍,被我拿去扔了