Out-of-the-box evaluation. I'm doing an evaluation in the Yami draw! The first is the rose nougat from Liangshihui. It is super delicious, with a lot of milk flavor, and super heavy milk. If the rose flavor is more important, it will be even better. The taste is very sticky and tough, and sometimes what we eat will be very hard. , but this one won't, it's sticky and tough as soon as you bite it, I love it so much! Recommended to start. The second one received a small bottle of Slubby. I received the green one in two colors, super happy because I wanted to receive the green one too, so cute, all the characters are printed on the bottle. The bottle is very light Because the body is plastic, it is better to pack cold drinks. The third is the Brazilian hanging ear brewed coffee from South Korea. It is very convenient, open the package, tear the seal, hang it on the quilt, then brew hot water, soak it for 3-5 minutes, and you can drink it. It is medium The coffee beans are under roasted, so the coffee taste will not be very strong, but the coffee taste will be full when drinking. I like to add fresh milk. It tastes equally good. The last is the peach black tea from the same brand as the Brazilian coffee above. To be honest, this one is much better than another brand (you know). The peach flavor is too full to drink. It will be even more delicious with ice cubes. Will repurchase this and try other flavors as well. Finally, thank you Yami. There will be another review later, because there is still something on the way, hee hee # 这些饮品好喝到飞起 # # 我要当测评官第9期 #
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Yamiセレクション 开箱测评测评. 我在亚米抽中做测评拉! 首先是良食匯的玫瑰牛軋糖. 超级好吃,奶味足,超级重奶,如果玫瑰味再重点就更加好了,口感很粘韧,有时候我们会吃到的不是会很硬吗,但是这个不会,一咬下去就是粘韧,太爱了!推荐入手. 第二个收到史路比的小瓶子.有两个颜色我收到绿色的,超开心,因为我也希望收到绿色的,太可爱了,所有角色都印在瓶子上了. 瓶子很轻身因为是塑料的,装冷饮会比较好. 第三个是,韩国出的巴西挂耳冲泡式咖啡.挺方便,打开包装,撕开封口,挂在被子上面,然后冲热水,泡3-5分钟就可以喝了. 它这个是中下度的烤咖啡豆,所以散发出的咖啡味道不会很大,但是喝的时候咖啡味会很足. 我喜欢加上鲜奶. 一样好喝. 最后就是和上面巴西咖啡一个品牌的水蜜桃红茶. 说实话,这个比另一个品牌(你懂的)好喝多了. 水蜜桃味太足太好喝了. 加上冰块会更加好喝. 这个会回购,也会尝试其他味道. 最后是谢谢亚米. 迟点还有另一个测评哦,因为还有东西在路上,嘻嘻 # 这些饮品好喝到飞起 # # 我要当测评官第9期 #