# 我要当测评官第9期 The package I got is #01 Summer Fairy Package 😋🎁😋 Yami's own business: 1. Good Food Hui Nougat Rose Flavor 🌷🍬 2. Korea Dante DAMTUH Brazilian Ear Coffee☕️ 3. Korea Lotte Snoopy water cup 🐶 4. Korea DAMTUH Peach Iced Black Tea Solid Drink 🍹 Yamibuy Mall: 1. Beiding Braised Beaker 🎈 2. Beiding Purple Potato Lily Porridge💝 3. Beiding Luohanguo rose tea 💖 ❤️Yami self-operated ❤️ ❤️1. #好食会#rose nougat 🍬 This is super delicious and I don't like sweets, I was convinced! Very strong milky fragrance, accompanied by the sweet rose fragrance, travel back to Yunnan in a second~ The softness and hardness are also moderate, one bite does not stick to the teeth at all, and it slowly melts in the mouth with a happy taste 🎆一The bag is plentiful! ❤️2, #South KoreaDante#hanging ear coffee☕️ This coffee is super convenient. The coffee bag contains some ground coffee powder. When needed, hang the coffee bag on the edge of the cup, boil a pot of boiling water and pour it into the cup. The coffee itself does not contain sugar, and I like the rich flavor. When brewing, pour a little less water, add a few ice cubes is my favorite, you can also add milk and sugar according to your own preferences☕️The first choice for lazy people haha ❤️3. Korean Snoopy water cup 🐶 A cup full of childlike fun, the size is very suitable for going out ~ I used it to brew the peach iced black tea I received together haha ~ There is also an inner plug in the cup, which can prevent choking when drinking water, like this thoughtful Small details, friends with babies at home can consider it, let the baby fall in love with drinking cups haha ❤️4, #KoreaDante#Peach flavored iced black tea🍵 This box is really sincere, heavy ~ the taste is also my favorite, not very sweet but full of peach 🍑 taste, very summer! Make a few more cups in one breath and refrigerate it in the refrigerator, a good companion to watch the drama to cool off the heat~ I will definitely not lose any drinks outside 🍹, love love 🌟Yami Mall🌟 🌟1. # Beiding# Braised beaker 🌟2, # Beiding# Purple Potato Lily Porridge The one I received is the white one, and the appearance is really beautiful! It looks small, but the capacity is quite amazing! When I received it, I tried it to cook red dates and white fungus soup~ The effect is really amazing! The new cup does not have any strange taste. The instructions say that the best effect is to scald the inner wall with boiling water for one minute before stewing the porridge. This stew beaker is really five-star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Recommended to all friends who like soup and porridge, stew The amount that comes out is exactly 1-2 people, and it is very time-saving and labor-saving, and the material package and boiling water are done! The next morning, I simmered the porridge with Beiding's own purple potato lily porridge. The small bag is about the size of two small bowls as shown in the picture. I will be responsible for my breakfast in the future~ The taste of purple potato porridge Fragrant, there are glutinous rice, purple potato, lily, peanuts, millet and red rice in it. The nutrition can be said to be quite comprehensive! The stewed rice is very glutinous. The official said that it can be done in an hour. I simmered for two hours, and the temperature was just right when I poured it out~ 🌟3# Beiding# Luo Han Guo rose tea This tea bag is also a good choice for afternoon tea! The packaging is pink and tender, and the triangular transparent tea bag can clearly see the ingredients inside. The quality of Beiding has nothing to say! The taste of this tea bag rose is slightly weaker than that of Luo Han Guo. Friends who like the sweetness of Luo Han Guo should not miss it 🥃 In addition to Luo Han Guo and rose, the tea bag is also matched with jasmine and chrysanthemum, which is very suitable for me who is dry in California☀️☀️☀️ ❤️❤️❤️At the end of the evaluation, I would like to thank Yami and Miss Yami for your hard work~ I won the prize for the first time in my life. I am very happy to be able to do this evaluation~ Yami is full of sincerity, it is really the continuation of my study abroad career It's a good helper 🙈 I will add new experiences in the future~ Hurry up and start it while it's in stock 😋😋😋
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Yamiセレクション # 我要当测评官第9期 ## 这些饮品好喝到飞起 # # 我的早餐打卡 # 我抽到的礼包是#01夏日仙女礼包😋🎁😋 亚米自营: 1、良食汇牛轧糖玫瑰花味🌷🍬 2、韩国丹特DAMTUH巴西挂耳咖啡☕️ 3、韩国乐天史努比水杯🐶 4、韩国丹特DAMTUH水蜜桃冰红茶固体饮料🍹 亚米商城: 1、北鼎焖烧杯🎈 2、北鼎紫薯百合粥💝 3、北鼎罗汉果玫瑰花茶💖 ❤️亚米自营❤️ ❤️1、#良食汇#玫瑰花牛轧糖🍬 这个超级好吃、不爱吃甜的我竟然被折服了!非常浓郁的奶香味儿,伴随着香甜的玫瑰花香,一秒穿越回云南啦~软硬也很适中,一口咬下去一点都不粘牙,慢慢的融化在嘴里都是幸福的味道🎆一袋份量足足的! ❤️2、#韩国丹特#挂耳咖啡☕️ 这个咖啡超级方便啊,咖啡包里是研磨好点咖啡粉,需要的时候把咖啡包挂在杯沿上,烧一壶开水倒在杯子里就好啦~咖啡本身不含糖,喜欢浓郁味道的冲泡的时候少倒一点水,加几个冰块就是我的最爱啦,还可以根据自己的喜好加奶和糖☕️懒人首选啊哈哈 ❤️3、韩国史努比水杯🐶 充满童趣的杯子,出门用大小非常合适~我拿它冲泡一起收到的蜜桃冰红茶哈哈~水杯里面还有一个内塞,可以防止喝水的时候被呛到,点赞这个贴心的小细节呀,家里有宝宝的朋友可以考虑呀,让宝宝爱上喝水的杯子哈哈 ❤️4、#韩国丹特#水蜜桃味冰红茶🍵 这一盒真的是非常有诚意了,沉甸甸的~味道也是我喜欢的味道,不会很甜但又满满的水蜜桃🍑的味道,非常的夏天!一口气多冲几杯冷藏在冰箱里,看剧消暑的好伴侣呀~绝对不输任何外面的饮品🍹,爱了爱了 🌟亚米商城🌟 🌟1、#北鼎# 焖烧杯 🌟2、#北鼎# 紫薯百合粥 我收到的是白色的那一款、颜值真的美的不像样!看着不大、容量相当的惊人啊!收到我就拿它试煮了红枣银耳羹~效果真真的太惊艳了!新杯子也没有任何奇怪的味道,说明书上说先用开水浸烫内壁一分钟再焖粥效果最好~这个焖烧杯真的五星⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️推荐给所有喜欢汤羹和粥的朋友,焖出来的份量正好是1-2人份,又非常的省时省力,材料包和开水就搞定啦! 第二天早上又配合北鼎自家的紫薯百合粥的材料包焖了粥、小小的一袋大约是图示两小碗的份量,以后就要承包我的早餐啦~紫薯粥的味道香香的,里面有糯米、紫薯、百合、花生、小米还有红米,营养可以说是照顾的相当全面啦!焖出来的米很糯,官方说一个小时就可以搞定、我焖了两个小时、倒出来的时候温度刚刚好~ 🌟3#北鼎#罗汉果玫瑰花茶 这个茶包也是下午茶很好的选择呦!包装粉嫩嫩的,三角的透明茶包可以很清楚的看到里面的用料,北鼎的品质没得说!这个茶包玫瑰花的味道较罗汉果来说稍稍弱一点、喜欢罗汉果甜味的朋友们不要错过呦🥃茶包除了罗汉果和玫瑰花还搭配了茉莉花和菊花、非常适合加州干燥的我啦☀️☀️☀️ ❤️❤️❤️测评的最后感谢亚米、还有辛苦的亚米大小姐~人生第一次中奖呀、很开心可以做这次的测评~亚米诚意满满的,真的是留学生涯的续命好帮手了🙈后续有新的体会还会补充哒~趁着有货快点下手吧😋😋😋