Life without snacks is incomplete 😄🙈. Recommend a small snack, this small cake was recommended by my girlfriend last year, and it has become a must-have at home. Children didn't like it at first, but now I always come to a piece~ ~ This time it happened to be an event, so I must get a few more bags! Five sets of box cakes, a specialty of Guilin, each pack contains 36 small boxes, containing five flavors of mung bean, sweet-scented osmanthus, taro, water chestnut, and chestnut. The individual carton packaging is not easy to break, hygienic and convenient, and the carton is packed in layers of tin foil. , a small square cake, the main material is rice flour, a light yellow cake body, it melts in the mouth, there will be a cool feeling in the mouth, and a half packet will be gone in one bite. If you want to enjoy the holiday, snacks must be indispensable. This kind of independent package is easy to carry, and it is not easy to break when you throw it in the bag. Overtime, staying at home, watching dramas, grinding your teeth in your spare time, for foodies constellation Aries, eating is a wonderful thing ah, eat alone can solve all problems 🌚. # 开学第一单 # # 百万积分第7季 ## 爆款小零食 #
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没有零食的人生是不完整的😄🙈.推荐一款小零食,这款小糕点是去年闺蜜推荐的,就这样成了家里必囤款,小孩子原本不喜欢的,现在是动不动就来一块~~ 这次刚好做活动哦,必须多拿几包!桂林特产的五组盒糕,一包有36小盒,含绿豆、桂花、香芋、马蹄、板栗五种口味,独立纸盒包装不易碎,卫生又便捷,拆开纸盒锡箔纸层层包装,一枚方方正正的小糕点,主材料为米粉,淡淡的黄色糕体,入口即化,会有一股清凉感在口中爆开,一口一个不一会半包就没了. 想要美滋滋地享受假期,小零食肯定是必不可少,这种独立装携带方便,往包里随便一扔都不易碎.加班、宅家、追剧,闲暇的时候再来点磨磨牙,对于吃货星座白羊来说,吃是多么美妙的一件事啊,唯独吃才能解决一切问题🌚.# 开学第一单 # # 百万积分第7季 ## 爆款小零食 #