❥Yami’s 6⃣️year anniversary planted this mask in the drying area ❥Dr.Jart+ is a Korean cosmeceutical brand and also the ancestor of Korean BB cream. The brand meaning of Dr.Jart+Ti Jiating is the combination of "Dr." and "art", a cosmeceutical brand that combines rational and trustworthy professional background with sensual, enthusiastic and happy skin care art ❥Blue: Mainly hydrating 💦 , The effect amazes me! Light and transparent silk mask paper, apply on the face, refreshing and breathable. Super hydrating, although the instructions recommend using it for 10-20 minutes, but the essence inside is quite sufficient, even if you wipe the neck and some arms 💪, you can basically apply it for 30+min, of course, it depends on the skin condition at that time. ! Not all skin types can use it for such a long time! # Yami wants to be an evaluator #9 # # 被二哥种草了 # # 亚米真的6 #
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Yamiセレクション ❥亚米6⃣️周年庆时候在晒货区种草了这个面膜 ❥Dr.Jart+是来自韩国的药妆品牌,同时也是韩国的BB霜始祖。Dr.Jart+蒂佳婷品牌寓意为”Dr.”与”art”相结合,把理性、信任的专业背景与感性、热情、快乐的护肤艺术相融合的药妆品牌 ❥蓝色:主打补水💦 ,效果有让我惊艳到的! 轻薄透明的蚕丝面膜纸,敷在脸上,清爽透气服帖。超级补水,虽然说明建议使用10-20分钟,但是里面的精华算很充足了,哪怕抹了脖子和部分手臂💪,基本上还是能敷足30+min,当然还是要看当天当时的肌肤状况哦!不见得所有肤质的亲们都能敷这么长时间哈! # 亚米要当测评官第9期 # # 被二哥种草了 # # 亚米真的6 #