# 换季护肤 # The importance of foundation makeup is not only reflected in foundations that correct skin tone and cover blemishes. Many girls feel that they do their homework on liquid foundations, but ignore the auxiliary magic of using makeup primer. Primer is the finishing touch after all skin care and before base makeup. In order to make the foundation applied later to better modify the blemishes and pores, the makeup does not stick to the powder, and the moisturizing and moisturizing make the skin more delicate and perfect makeup. At this time, we need a makeup primer that suits our skin type. Moonshine Miracle Cream makeup primer, the moment you open it again, it is really the feeling of Xingyu Xingyuan, the unique stars on the top of the outer layer, and the echo of the unpacked purple meteor falling, plus the English motivational sentence: baby, you're a star and close your eyes and make a wish, I made a wish foolishly. I have to say that the Juno&Co brand's intentions💕
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Yamiセレクション # 换季护肤 # 底妆的重要性不仅仅体现在修正肤色、遮盖瑕疵的粉底上,很多女生都觉得在粉底液上做功课,却忽略了使用妆前乳这个辅助神功 妆前乳是在所有护肤之后,底妆之前的收尾。为了让后续涂上的粉底能更好的修饰瑕疵毛孔,上妆不卡粉,滋润保湿让肌肤呈现更细腻完美妆容,这时,我们就需要一款适合自己肤质的妆前乳 Moonshine Miracle Cream妆前乳,再打开的那一刻,真的是星语星愿的感觉,外层顶部的独特星星拼凑,还有拆开包装的紫色流星飘落的呼应,再加上英文激励语句:baby,you’re a star和close your eyes and make a wish,我就傻傻的许下了一个愿望。不得不说Juno&Co品牌的用心💕