# 换季护肤 # Makeup setting powder is also called honey powder. It is the last step of makeup. Its function is to fix makeup, make base makeup last longer, smooth pores, fix makeup, absorb oil on the face, and make the skin look more balanced, softer and more beautiful. texture. Blur Makeup Setting Powder, also rich in avocado extract, brightens makeup, tightens pores, transparent scrub bottle, gently rotate to open, the powder particles are fine and delicate, and there is no accumulation at all when you swipe gently. It would be better to have a small puff to cover. The rose gold mirror is also a cute little mirror
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Yamiセレクション # 换季护肤 # 定妆散粉也叫蜜粉,是化妆的最后一步,它的作用就是定妆,让底妆更持久,抚平毛孔,固定妆容,吸走面上的油脂,让肌肤看上去更更均衡更柔和更有质感。 Blur Makeup Setting Powder定妆散粉,同样富含牛油果精华萃取,提亮妆面色泽,收敛毛孔,透明磨砂瓶身,轻轻旋转打开,散粉颗粒精细细腻,轻轻一扫完全不会有堆积感,如果能有一个小粉扑盖住就更好了。玫瑰金的镜面竟然也是一面可爱小小镜子