# 亚米食谱 【"Cantonese-style" pineapple beer】 I just passed my 21st birthday and I have been away from home for so long that I miss the pineapple beer from my hometown. Unfortunately, neither Yami nor the Chinese Super League can sell it, so I decided to make it myself 👏 The material is simple: A box of sliced pineapples (a must for lazy people) A can of beer (this one has a very light taste and is perfect for girls!) A bottle of pineapple juice (I didn't see a suitable one, so I bought a similar bottle. Sisters can choose their own based on the sugar content, or they can be ignored) 【step】 Pour the beer into the container filled with pineapple (I chopped the pineapple a little) and it will overflow by about a centimeter. At this point, you can taste the taste secretly. You will find that pineapple and beer are two separate flavors, and It doesn't mix 🌝 But it doesn't matter, after the foam of the beer subsides, add an appropriate amount of juice, wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator to ferment for a day or two The moment you open it two days later, you will feel that heaven is probably like this hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (I finally solved my slander!)
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Yamiセレクション # 亚米食谱 ## 美食小酒馆 ## 亚米厨房 # 【“广式”菠萝啤】 刚过了21岁生日加上离家太久甚是想念家乡的菠萝啤,可惜亚米和中超都没有的卖,所以果断自己动手开始做起来👏 材料很简单: 一盒切好的菠萝(懒人必选) 一罐啤酒(这款味道很淡,很适合女生!) 一瓶菠萝汁(没有看到合适的,所以买了瓶差不多的,姐妹可以看着含糖量自行挑选,也可忽略) 【步骤】 将啤酒倒入装满菠萝的容器中(菠萝我稍微又切碎了一点)溢过一厘米左右就🉑️ 此时,可以偷偷尝尝味道,你会发现菠萝和啤酒是两种分开的味道,并不相融🌝 但是没关系,等啤酒的泡沫消下去后,再加入适量果汁,保鲜膜包好放入冰箱发酵一两天 两天后打开的一瞬间,你会感觉天堂大概就是如此hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (总算解了我的谗瘾!)